Sep 29, 2014

The Good Wife 6x02: Trust Issues

After this season kicked off with Cary Agos drug trial, nothing is ordinary in The Good Wife. We all are following SA hunting down him, Lemond Bishop and maybe someone else? Someone we never thought of to be targeted in this war.

**Spoilers from now on**

The previous episode ending by paying Cary's bail fee and ASA asking for sources of these payment boils down to another hearing in this episode, that leads to subpoenaing Alicia. It seems, that ASA is trying to bring Mr. Bishop to court  and ask him about his business under oath.

The same time, Florrick/Agos is facing number of client trials, one including their biggest client ChumHum. This particular class action was led by Cary and now Alicia has to take it over, while dealing with Eli still trying to ensure her to run. Alicia does not look like to be wanting to run, she's determined and absolutely sure that politics is no place for her. But then, there is a small line and scene in elevator, that makes me think that she might start considering to agree with Eli, because she smiles when realizing that polls are in her favor and people love her.
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Sep 25, 2014

Movie Review: The Maze Runner [2014]

I was lucky enough to get early screening of one of my most anticipated films this year. Well, here it it and I've seen all I needed. 

The Maze Runner is adaptation of James Dashner's postapocalyptic bestseller about youngsters, who are imprisoned inside the mysterious maze and their struggle of living together, while trying to escape this nightmare. Movie opens with Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) waking up in the cage, that moves pretty fast upwards, right into iron doors. He is confused, he remembers nothing and does not understand how he got in here. When the cage reaches top, it suddenly stops and then he sees a very bright light and some young boys staring at him. Now, he is even more confused.

If you are not a book reader, like me, you can be also confused, even though trailer told most of it. But not that much to lose interest how it goes. Because, you know, most of movie in this genre are well predictable stories, just with actors who we are delighted to see on a big screen and some sentiments also. As the plot starts to open up, Thomas starts remembering some small details, it get more interesting. Later, The Maze Runner also suggest whole load of action, chasing and good fantasy. Without going into the deep of story, it has pretty much predictable ending. I've never read the book, but I was absolutely sure where it would go. But here, let me explain things I liked.
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Modern Family 6x01: The Long Honeymoon

You might read spoilers here

5 times Emmy winner Modern Family starts new season with episode The Long Honeymoon, taking place after three month from The Wedding. Pritchett-Tuckers are back from their honeymoon, Dunphys are enjoying their summer, without Alex and Delgado-Pritchetts are, the same loving couple.

From the very beginning we feel like something has changed about these families. It's not a really good start to remembering your favorite characters. Cameron has become even more sensitive, trying to prolong their honeymoon and making lots of presents to Mitchell: flowers, balloons and some random romantic stuff, while Mitchell, himself, is trying to get back the way it was before wedding. Gloria and Jay still are having minor disagreements about Jay's appearance, how he does not care anymore about his outfits, which drives Mrs Delgado-Pritchett crazy. And Dunphy's, they are having a marvelous, quiet, sweet, comfortable summer - giving each other compliments, making each other laugh and having peaceful dinners, while Alex is away doing some volunteer stuff. And you know?! This feels kinda wrong.
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Sep 23, 2014

Movie Review: Honeymoon [2014]

A newlywed couple Paul [Harry Treadaway] and Bea [Rose Leslie] drive to lake house for their honeymoon to spend some time alone. The place meets all creepy requirements the houses in horror movies have: skinned bear hanging on the wall, no sign of life, woods around it and silence.

Paul and Bea are madly in love, kind of hipsterish couple, without much money, but huge feelings towards each other. They are the people who can find happiness in every detail. In the very first scenes, we see their wedding videos, explaining how and why they got married, recorded in the tent, somewhere. Director and writer Leigh Janiak tries to make them one of those young couples that we meet in the streets, bars or anywhere. But soon, everything changes after Bea starts sleepwalking in the woods and Paul believes that something really bad happened to her. They suddenly stopped having sex, because she refuses, her mood transformed from happy-go-lucky to maniacal depression. Bea suffered from strange physical transformation neither she nor husband could explain.
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Sep 22, 2014

The Good Wife 6x01: The Line

photo credit: IMDB
The Good Wife, probably last years one of the best shows and definitely the most underrated one, is back to screen after thrilling season 5. The first episode The Line aired today placing us right in the center of mindblowing events and now I believe, its writers are never going to upset us.
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Sep 14, 2014

Audiomachine: making trailers more epic since 2005

Since the beginning of sound era, music is no less important than dialogues to make moviegoing experience more impressive. Even more, it can double, triple the emotions that come from acting or witty chat lines. A good music is half job well done. For me, liking a movie starts with liking the trailer, because today when there are hundreds of different films per year, with quite busy life schedule, I have to carefully select those couple of hundred movies I wanna watch. Trailer, that can make me watch any specific movie, should also have some qualitative soundtrack. And Audiomachine is one of those few companies that produce the most epic music for trailers.

Based in LA, California, Audiomachine is a production music company founded in 2005 by Paul Dinletir and Carol Sovinski. Music is basically composed by  Paul Dinletir and Kevin Rix. In the beginning, they started to create music only for professional uses in Hollywood aka as film trailer soundtracks. However, since 2012 they record albums for general public [and thanks for that]. The long list of such movies include: Avatar,  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Hancock, The Express, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Beowulf, Tree of Life and most recently trailers of Noah and How To Train Your Dragon 2.
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Sep 13, 2014

Rewatch Saturday: Mr. & Mrs. Smith [2005]

"As for now, I do more rewatch of old movies, than just watching new ones. So I decided to review one film each Saturday, as a part of Rewatch Saturday post series"
In 2005 two of Hollywood's hottest actors teamed up to film an incredibly dark, bold and entertaining Mr. & Mrs. Smith, directed by acclaimed creator of Bourne series. It tells a story of two paid assassins, married couple Jane and John Smith, who yet are unaware of each others real jobs. On the surface they seem to be an average, kinda richy American family, leaving really calm and boring lives. John, as a coverup story, is owner of Smith Engineering, Inc., while Jane owns a company I-Temp Technology Staffing. In fact, both use the marriage for safety of their real works. The couple successfully manages to keep in secret their professions during five or six years of "holy matrimony", until both are sent to kill the same guy... Two of the best agents going against each other is never a simple story and here they both fail to fulfil the mission. This is when things get complicated, because now they are ordered to get rid of their spouses.
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For Your Oscar Consideration: Song of the Sea

Probably, Animated Feature category is one of the easiest to predict. But sometimes, even its nominees can surprise us. For example, omission of Monsters University, nomination of The Pirates! Band of Misfits or A Cat in Paris. Even a very beautiful animation The Secret of Kells can be regarded as dark horse of 83rd Oscars.

The creator of latter returns with even more beautiful work this year: Song of the Sea. It tells a story of Saoirse - the last of selkies - women who can transform from seals to people, according to Irish and Scottish legends. She manages to escape from her grandmother to travel through seas and its various creatures. But leaving alone the plot, it seems that Tomm Moore has an amazing job by bringing an exquisitely beautiful feature that easily bring him another Oscar nomination. Check some outstanding shots here:
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Sep 12, 2014

Movie Review: The Fault In Our Stars [2014]

- Okay?
- Okay.
The Fault In Our Stars stuck in my sights since the huge success of book. I could see it everywhere I go and I love bookshops. Frankly, book cover is truly original and catchy. But I'm not really into these teenage dramas and never read it. However, I did consider watching film because of  two leads: talented and beautiful Shailene Woodley and newcomer Ansel Elgort.

Golden Globe nominee Woodley [The Descendants] plays a girl, Hazel Grace Lancaster, with thyroid cancer, who's been diagnosed of disease in early age and since then her life mostly happens in between home, hospital and support groups. While Elgort's character, Gus, is an ex basketball player, cancer survivor with an amputee leg. As they meet at the most boring support group meeting, their friendship gets a weird and interesting start that turns into unconditional love [whatever it is]. Even from the very beginning we all know that this is not going to work, because any of them can just die and leave another behind. Gus and Hazel knowing this are truly having the moments of their lives, making all their dreams come true, which includes trip to Amsterdam - a place where the author of Hazel's favorite book lives.
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Sep 10, 2014

Top 10 movies I can't wait this season

We are more than half way through the end of this movie season, however most high calibre films are still to be premiered. As usual, a big number of my favorite films come out in theaters either in the Autumn or Winter. 

I've already watched some films that most probably fall into my top ten movies of 2014 like How To Train Your Dragon 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Grand Budapest Hotel. But there are 7 more spots left and I have quite many pictures I desperately want to see this year and here are ten most wanted:
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Sep 9, 2014

Have I already told ya how much I can't wait for Gone Girl?

I guess no, yet. But I've been excited about David Fincher's new movie Gone Girl, since the very first trailer. For no reason, it just clicked: I love it. Well, basically, the reason was Rosamund Pike's haunting voice and the very strange story told in brilliantly thought trailer. And Fincher, of course.

Now that I have finished reading the book, all my excitement has just boosted and shaped into some reasonable expectations I really really hope Fincher meets. It can easily be my most favorite film of the year.

**Plot**No Spoilers**
The story focuses on a couple, married of five years after the wife - Amy Elliott Dunne [Rosamund Pike] disappeared on their fifth anniversary and her husband Nick Dunne [Ben Affleck] is a primary suspect. He claims he is innocent in this tragedy, however, is Nick absolutely blameless here?

**End of Plot**No Spoilers**

This is the most important question the book develops around. Author Gillian Flynn managed to tell the whole story with permanent suspicion in Nick's guilt until the very end of the novel. And when you think you know everything you could, here comes another surprise that will just blow your mind.
I liked almost everything about Gone Girl [book]: story - it's brilliant, simple but complicated, very easy to follow, full of surprises and cliffhangers; interesting characters with so many layers that they stay uncovered till the end of story; fresh and catchy dialogues and style - novel is told according to Amy's diaries from the past and Nick speaking in the first person. Because of this, plot flows logically and you get the right information just where you need to get. This also helps to keep the reader in suspicion all the time.
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Sep 3, 2014

Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2 [2014]

It was the most anticipated movie of this year and finally, I watched it.

How To Train Your Dragon was a phenomenal animation, nearly as good as Toy Story 3. Unluckily for Dragon fans, which includes me, those two premiered the same year and there was nothing that could beat Toy Story either on market or at Oscars.

This year Dean DeBlois returns with second installment, continuing a splendid adventure of Hiccup and Toothless, fighting for integrity of dragons and safety of Burk. Second movie takes place after five years vikings started to cohabitate with dragons. It's been a quite long peace time for them. No enemy to fight against, Burk turned into a heavenly place. Movie opens with dragon race game, where most outstanding young dragon-riders compete to win. It's a beautifully shot scene, featuring all known and favorite characters and kind of bringing the same emotions we've missed for four years.
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