The Good Wife 6x05: Shiny Objects

Last week episode Oppo Research mostly explored Alicia's past in the perspective of her candidacy as a States Attorney. Her new manager, Jonathan, tried to dig out every possible loophole in her and her family's past that lead us to secrets we never knew. Practically, 4th episode was a single subject one, having almost nothing to do with Mrs Florrick's new firm or litigation.

Shiny Objects, to the contrary, suggest multi-plot episode taking us into the courtroom, in Florrick/Agos/Lockhart office and guiding us through Alicia's campaign start. In this case, once again, The Good Wife writers managed to bring an amazingly paced episode, very smart story and witty dialogues - whole package of what we love about this show. 

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Movie Review: Gone Girl [2014]

You will read a lot spoilers here

I have waited for this moment from the very first trailer of David Fincher's Gone Girl. Back that time, I had not read the book. But first look seemed interesting enough to bring me to Gillian Flynn's bestseller, I had no idea before. The Book has the most intrigue start, I've ever read:
When I think of my wife, I always think of her head. The shape of it, to  begin with"
Enough suspense to later blame Nick Dunne in disappearance of his wife, on the exact day of their 5th anniversary. But even later, Flynn gives a lot reasons to believe that a good wife, amazing Amy, loving woman became a victim of unfaithful husband. And you will partly be true. The most brilliant thing about Gillian's book is that she never hints about Nick actually killing Amy, there is no direct indication of that, but she just makes a bad guy out of him, a guy anybody would hate and blame for anything and she makes you believe that he is the cold blooded killer. This is exactly what Gone Girl is about, among many other things.

The Good Wife 6x04: Oppo Research

In previous episode, Alicia approaches to Eli Gold regarding her running as States Attorney. And of course, he was more than ready for this moment and start of new exciting campaign. So, Oppo Research mostly concentrates on Alicia's issues, her background check and chances of winning the elections.

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The Good Wife 6x03: Dear God

Dear God, third episode of The Good Wife, returns with Cary's trial - ASA is now trying to revoke his bail on the grounds that he contacted DA's the only witness and allegedly killed him. Diane Lockhart, now as a lawyer of Agos, is trying to keep her partner out of jail, which definitely seems unusually hard, since States Attorney office is spending all their resources to somehow imprison Cary.

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Modern Family 6x02: Don't Push

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In Don't Push the Dunphys go to Caltech university for Alex's future admission, while Gloria and Jay are trying to get perfect presents for their anniversary and Pritchett-Tucker family is taking a family photo. And they all have some trouble.

Alex is determined to go to MIT, because Caltech is too close to home and she's willing to be as far as possible for more independence, finally. Regardless, she attends open house day with her family, which tries to be supportive in the biggest decision she's going to make. Phil, Haley and Luke decide to participate in an experiment, promising to reward participants with fifty dollars. They are left in a room with red button saying Do Not Push (pictured above). As they think this is part of the experiment, they seek for solution and the process of doing so brings number of family problems to the surface.

Meanwhile, Alex meets some nerdy guy and changes her mind about MIT, understanding that it's not that bad to be around family.

Jay sculptures a bunny for Gloria as a reminder of their first date. But she thinks that her favorite bracelet is hidden inside so breaks the present right  in front of husband.

Lily is troubling her parents while taking a family photo. She gives that awkward, forced smile and of course, Cameron and Mitchell are panicking. After number of photo sessions, they finally get that their daughter is quite determined about her smile.