For Your Oscar Consideration: Song of the Sea

Probably, Animated Feature category is one of the easiest to predict. But sometimes, even its nominees can surprise us. For example, omission of Monsters University, nomination of The Pirates! Band of Misfits or A Cat in Paris. Even a very beautiful animation The Secret of Kells can be regarded as dark horse of 83rd Oscars.

The creator of latter returns with even more beautiful work this year: Song of the Sea. It tells a story of Saoirse - the last of selkies - women who can transform from seals to people, according to Irish and Scottish legends. She manages to escape from her grandmother to travel through seas and its various creatures. But leaving alone the plot, it seems that Tomm Moore has an amazing job by bringing an exquisitely beautiful feature that easily bring him another Oscar nomination. Check some outstanding shots here:

How do you think, can merely a visual excellence guarantee place among top 5 animated features this year?

and the trailer:

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