Modern Family 6x01: The Long Honeymoon

You might read spoilers here

5 times Emmy winner Modern Family starts new season with episode The Long Honeymoon, taking place after three month from The Wedding. Pritchett-Tuckers are back from their honeymoon, Dunphys are enjoying their summer, without Alex and Delgado-Pritchetts are, the same loving couple.

From the very beginning we feel like something has changed about these families. It's not a really good start to remembering your favorite characters. Cameron has become even more sensitive, trying to prolong their honeymoon and making lots of presents to Mitchell: flowers, balloons and some random romantic stuff, while Mitchell, himself, is trying to get back the way it was before wedding. Gloria and Jay still are having minor disagreements about Jay's appearance, how he does not care anymore about his outfits, which drives Mrs Delgado-Pritchett crazy. And Dunphy's, they are having a marvelous, quiet, sweet, comfortable summer - giving each other compliments, making each other laugh and having peaceful dinners, while Alex is away doing some volunteer stuff. And you know?! This feels kinda wrong.
But, sooner or later everything goes back to "normal" when Alex is home. Dunphys become the same chaotic family they were before "fire-starters, fighters, poison eaters". So, episode has a happy ending. And I loved it.

The reason I loved premiere so much is that it genuinely made me laugh. Gloria going out with Jay in a messy makeup to teach him a lesson made me laugh out loud, or Haley having more than 50,000 blog subscribers because, as it turns out, her camera was never off, even when Claire/Phil stripped in front of it made me cry laughing. This episode had just everything I love about Modern Family - some random misfit story, their special sense of humor and those loving characters.
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Most of all, I enjoyed Sofia Vergara's performance. Here she's not that glamorous woman, but she's just a loving wife and she has some small hilarious moments, just like in the end, when she meets her surprise. 

I always liked small lines of Aubrey Anderson-Emmons [Lily]. Even though she speaks only few words in this episode, I really remembered her performance. But Eric Stonestreet, as always, is heartbreakingly sweet, funny, fluffy, cute, loving and Cameronish. [and for gods sake, check this video out]

So, I believe it's a good start for probably a very amazing season. Fingers crossed.

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