Have I already told ya how much I can't wait for Gone Girl?

I guess no, yet. But I've been excited about David Fincher's new movie Gone Girl, since the very first trailer. For no reason, it just clicked: I love it. Well, basically, the reason was Rosamund Pike's haunting voice and the very strange story told in brilliantly thought trailer. And Fincher, of course.

Now that I have finished reading the book, all my excitement has just boosted and shaped into some reasonable expectations I really really hope Fincher meets. It can easily be my most favorite film of the year.

**Plot**No Spoilers**
The story focuses on a couple, married of five years after the wife - Amy Elliott Dunne [Rosamund Pike] disappeared on their fifth anniversary and her husband Nick Dunne [Ben Affleck] is a primary suspect. He claims he is innocent in this tragedy, however, is Nick absolutely blameless here?

**End of Plot**No Spoilers**

This is the most important question the book develops around. Author Gillian Flynn managed to tell the whole story with permanent suspicion in Nick's guilt until the very end of the novel. And when you think you know everything you could, here comes another surprise that will just blow your mind.
I liked almost everything about Gone Girl [book]: story - it's brilliant, simple but complicated, very easy to follow, full of surprises and cliffhangers; interesting characters with so many layers that they stay uncovered till the end of story; fresh and catchy dialogues and style - novel is told according to Amy's diaries from the past and Nick speaking in the first person. Because of this, plot flows logically and you get the right information just where you need to get. This also helps to keep the reader in suspicion all the time.

The ending, which also can be perfect for movie, is something, I bet, nobody ever expected and part of my excitement comes to see how David Fincher ends the story. The fact that the author, Gillian Flynn, writes screenplay herself is an asset in terms of making good dialogues and fixing some plot bugs that might be found in novel. The book itself is not much talky, with a lot dialogue lines, especially in the beginning. So, hopefully, Gillian can turn this all into a very talky and impressive film.
As for movie, what I have seen so far is amazing. Trailers look just perfect and when I say perfect I mean Rosamund Pike's voice that cover almost whole first trailer. She's haunting enough to intrigue. Shots are great and I believe if trailer is that well directed, then the movie can be a lot more successful.

Casting director Laray Mayfield - known for Fight Club - managed to bring together some high calibre actors with little known ones and the look great together. At first, I was sceptical about Neil Patrick Harris's casting for the role of Desi, but now, after reading the book, I think he perfectly fits it. I also can't wait to see Lisa Banes's performance as Marybeth Elliott - Amy's mother. Her conference scene seems to be quite strong.
Gone Girl is the book you force your friends to read, so that you can discuss it with them whenever you are finished. So, my readers, are you up to discussion about any part of the book? If yes, just let me know here and we can do it in another post to avoid spoiler for non-readers. 


  1. So glad you liked the novel! i already read it twice and I read one of the drafts for the script - I hope they changed it a bit though as some small changes kinda changed the tone of the relatiionship between Amy and Nick. I think the movie is gonna be fantastic and the casting choices are so inspired.

  2. I liked the book as well.. I wasn't actually very keen on the ending.. like, the second part of the ending was a bit off for me but it could've been because of the fact that I'm a very picky reader when it comes to thriller/crime. Though it was one of my fav read this year, I'm actually excited to see an alternative ending in the movie.

  3. Is this script draft somewhere online? Cause I'd love to have a glance on it. The least I wanna see changed is relationship between Nick and Amy, because it's one of the best thought parts of the novel.

    As I said, movie seems so fantastic, it can easily top my list this year.

  4. Really? Interesting to hear. Anyways, I found it fascinating, because it literally made me scream in the end. Then I realised that it was actually a good one and I still can't believe how "suddenly" it finished. Also, I am still thinking whether it's a happy or sad ending and I can not figure it out.