The Good Wife 6x01: The Line

photo credit: IMDB
The Good Wife, probably last years one of the best shows and definitely the most underrated one, is back to screen after thrilling season 5. The first episode The Line aired today placing us right in the center of mindblowing events and now I believe, its writers are never going to upset us.

**Spoilers from now on**

To refresh your memory, last season ended with Eli suggesting Alicia to run for State Attorney and Diane approached Florrick/Argos for merger. This season continues right after these events, since Alicia and Cary are still discussing Lockhart's proposal and Mr. Gold is still pleading for running as SA.

The Line has everything The Good Wife writers are good at: surprises, passion and overwhelming speed of how everything happens. But mostly, it's because now our favorite lawyers suddenly are on the wrong side of law. Cary Agos is detained and imprisoned for drug charges as he helped his client Lemond Bishop to avoid the law. Even the arrest scene is an example of perfection, because it brings suspicion, surprise, confusion and you almost feel the same Agos feels. The rest happens from the point of view of him, we follow to detention center, prison and courtroom and we, including the convicted, do not know what the hell is going on.
photo credit: IMDB
Are they going to form the biggest law firm run by women?
As later it turns out, someone from Bishop's guys has recorded Cary's visit to his client and now he's used to reach the biggest drug dealer in the city. Even by the end of episode, we are not sure whether Cary is guilty or not.

**No Spoilers from now on**

It seems that season 6 will be a quite good season for Matt Czuchry [click it]. His character gets the central attention for the very beginning and I don't think he will be offscreen too soon. Maybe we finally see him in the awards race? We'll see. So far, Cary has been one of my favorite characters on the show. 

this tweet clearly sumps all it up:

To conclude, The Line has been a brilliant start of new season. It's promising and I really hope everything gets even more interesting and we might see better one than season 5.


  1. I liked the episode a lot, I mean... any reason to get to see half naked Cary is a good reason though I feel so bad for him! I liked him as well but you know what, I think TGW managed to bring itself out of a lead characters death oh so well that I must applaud. Plus, Matthew Goode and Alicia.. I mean.. do you ship it because I sure as hell ship it! I just dislike Alicia's husband from day one.. and I want Alicia to have a decent, Goode-lookin man next to her.

  2. Kudos on Cary! did you click the link on his name, there are some good shots of him :D

    Yeah, they did manage and I repeatedly say that TGW has one of the best writers nowadays, if not the best. I like Goode a lot and his character too, I think he's got so much more to do in the show. But I'm really happy for Agos, cause I think it's time for Matt to get some recognition for brilliant work. Can't agree more on Alicia's husband.