The Good Wife 6x02: Trust Issues

After this season kicked off with Cary Agos drug trial, nothing is ordinary in The Good Wife. We all are following SA hunting down him, Lemond Bishop and maybe someone else? Someone we never thought of to be targeted in this war.

**Spoilers from now on**

The previous episode ending by paying Cary's bail fee and ASA asking for sources of these payment boils down to another hearing in this episode, that leads to subpoenaing Alicia. It seems, that ASA is trying to bring Mr. Bishop to court  and ask him about his business under oath.

The same time, Florrick/Agos is facing number of client trials, one including their biggest client ChumHum. This particular class action was led by Cary and now Alicia has to take it over, while dealing with Eli still trying to ensure her to run. Alicia does not look like to be wanting to run, she's determined and absolutely sure that politics is no place for her. But then, there is a small line and scene in elevator, that makes me think that she might start considering to agree with Eli, because she smiles when realizing that polls are in her favor and people love her.

One of the good parts of this episode was Lorraine Joy back, the woman who interviewed Alicia and turned her candidacy down to hire. And now, she standing on the other side of Mrs Florrick, truly regrets it:
"I should've hired you. You're an assassin."
"Your mistake."
Kalinda is doing her best to save Cary, interviewing Bishop's three key people, attending the meeting with Agos and she figures out who the wired person was. However, Lemond, takes care of it in his own ways and it does not end well.

Taye Diggs joins the show and Florrick/Agos/Lockhart in this episode as Dean Levine-Wilkins, with number of other key people from Lockhart/Gardner/Canning. It is going BIG, people.
But I think, Trust Issues was more about Diane, because she leaving the firm in the end of episode, was just classy, glamorous and very well thought scene. And taking all this people, others without even noticing it, just will blew your mind.

**Spoilers from now on**

Even though I found it hard to decide if Trust Issues was better episode than The Line, I still consider that there are some improvements here and it was more tense and just because of mindblowing end with Diane Lockhart, it was slightly better afterall. So, what do you think?

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