Jun 28, 2013

Movie Review: The Purge [2013]

Once a year ALL CRIMES are legal, even murder

In 2022, the United States is a nation ruled by the New Founding Fathers of America. To maintain low crime and unemployment rates throughout the year, the government has instituted an annual 12-hour period called "The Purge" during which all crimes, including murder, become legal. Movie gives a look at one of those horrific nights exposing the whole brutality of negative freedom, when one can do anything they want and they want really really bad things.

James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) is a security company salesman, who turned into wealthy man by selling security system - designed specially for The Purge nights. He got a wife Mary (Lena Headey), a daughter and a son. During early hours of purge a black man chased by number of outlaws, penetrates their house asking for help. Sandins decide to protect him despite the threats by chasers. And they start to hunt for the family.

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Jun 24, 2013

Predicting 86th Oscars: Best Actor

Best Actor nomination seems to be overcrowded this year, with big names and successful new ones. Here I'll give a breakdown of most likable nominees of 5 candidates and another 5 of possible spoilers. So, here we go:

Leonardo DiCaprio | Tom Hanks | Forest Whitaker | Bruce Dern | Steve Carrel

Despite the fact that trailer of The Wolf of Wall Street did not actually talk much about Leo's great performance, I still think his time has come. Two movies this year, with two great performances can be a Bingo! He's really great in The Great Gatsby and Scorsese promises even better in November. So DiCaprio can easily be among five honored actors of 2013.

Tom Hanks returns with two very serious roles on big screen. Any of them (Saving Mr. Banks or Captain Phillips) is deserving. My prediction goes to Saving Mr. Banks where Hanks portrays Academy Awards total champion, Walt Disney - a man legend and if he does well (he'll for sure), Tom will contend for his third best actor win.
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Jun 21, 2013

For Emmy Consideration: TV-Shows for Next Week

Before I put my final Emmy predictions here, I'm having a look to every potential nominee TV-Show for award considerations. This week I saw three of them, The Americans, Bates Motel and American Horror Story: Asylum. Here is a short outline of each and their chances to get in final nominees.

I love this poster of The Americans
Elizabeth (Kerry Russel) and Phillip (Matthew Rhys) Jennings are parents of two, living it-seems-to-be-a-quiet life in the suburbs of Washington D.C. They have one real full time job which is being a KGB agents in the United States, the rest is just cover. The show follows their lives during the cold war period, which requires a lot sacrifice from agents of Russia. The Americans is about protecting what you believe is truth, making choices and the price of having family. 

Being very dynamic, dramatic and well-written show, The Americans boosts its chances on upcoming Emmys. Leads are brilliant. Matthew is just outstanding playing a wonderful mix of secret agent, father and caring husband. He's go a huge chance to be among other nominees in Best Drama Actor nomination, if the academy decides not to vote for traditional nominees. Drama lead categories have not changed much during last three years and if its going to be that way, Rhys is gonna miss this opportunity. The same applies to Russel who is another Claire Danes for portraying stubborn, yet devoted agent who tries to save her job and family the same time. Drama actress category has some old names: Danes, Margulies, Elizabeth Moss, Glenn Close, who've enjoyed multiple nominations lately. The only chance Kerry gets in is academy members wanting to see new names on the list.

But for me, both nominations are one of the most deserving this year. Including The Americans as a nominee of best drama series, which is less likely to happen, since the category is over-overloaded. 

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Jun 17, 2013

Trailer: The Wolf of Wall Street [2013]

Martin Scorsese's new film The Wolf of Wall Street is this year's most anticipated one, since it MUST bring Leonardo DiCaprio long waited Oscar. Today first trailer was released bringing premiere date to November 15 of 2013.
Frankly speaking, the trailer does not look like what I expected. The movie is labeled as biography drama, instead it seems to be comedy type film, with lots of weirdly funny moments (one of them captured above) and despite the great talent of Leo, he's not having a Oscar worthy performance as Jordan Belfort. As for now, The Great Gatsby has more chances to get lead actor nod then this one. But everything can happen...

You may have a look at first trailer:
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Jun 14, 2013

If I Voted for Emmys...

I've been predicting awards since I started watching movies and TV-Shows. This is not less enjoyable than films itself, actually it's more challenging. But predictions is mostly about guessing who academy members will honor - who they will love or hate. However, being a voter yourself is more fun - giving votes to those, which you think is the best. Today I've voted for Gold Derby TV Awards, which is independent voting system and award for Gold Derby users.

Here are the nominees I'd vote for IF I WAS A TV ACADEMY MEMBER (nominees are arranged in order of preference):
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Jun 13, 2013

Trailer: Diana [2013]

Naomi Watts is princess Diana - worlds most famous woman of all time. An Academy Award nominee actress portraits a person who has been loved by millions of people. Today, a teaser trailer of movie Diana has been released, you may have a look at it.
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Jun 12, 2013

Movie Review: Stoker [2013]

My next movie of 2013 is Chan-wook Park's Stoker - a creepy thriller with Nicole KidmanMia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode & Jacki Weaver. The movie is a story of India Stoker (Mia), her mother Evelyn (Nicole) and uncle Charles (Matthew) who unite after the brutal murder of Mr. Stoker.

India is a troubled young girl, opposite of any teenager of her age. She dresses differently, acts weirdly, having no friends and always gets bullies from classmates. The only person she seems to get along is already dead father, who used to take her hunting. This can be her most favorite memories from childhood. India does not enjoy with the company of other people, especially her mother, who's been trying to settle relationship with daughter unsuccessfully. 

Despite being a grown-up, she still feels like a kid needing a care and love of parents. Probably, this is a reason for hating Evelyn - her inability to actually be a mother. Mr. Stoker, on the contrary, is a good father. According to memories of India, he was the only person making her feel like a child. He used to send the same type of childish shoes on every birthday. Every year the shoes looked like the same, only different size.
On her 18th birthday, she gets a present from Charles - high heels - as a mark of grown, independent person. And she starts making decisions by herself, which might lead to disaster or anything else.

Evelyn has been a good wife, but worse mother. She really loves her only daughter, but never managed to be her good friend. While her husband was alive, she did not care much about India, but now she's alone and she needs her. An unexpected visit of Charles - brother of Mr. Stoker - changes a lot. Evelyn starts to spend some time with him, totally forgetting about depressed girl. Charles is a handsome and good man, trying to do his best to make sister-in-law's days easier. It works. But India knows that there is something wrong with him feeling unsafe with him.
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Jun 11, 2013

Critics Choice Winners and Insights for Emmys

Critics Choice Television Awards winners were announced on June 10, 2013 honoring the highest achievements in Television industry, including TV Series, shows, reality shows and etc. You can view complete list of winners here.

The Big Bang Theory won Best Comedy Series, Modern Family was surprisingly snubbed from nominees. Which pretty much means that its last season was not that perfect, as it used to be. The BBT get a big buzz for upcoming Emmy nominations, considering that ballots are delivered today. Louis C.K beats Alec Baldwin in best comedy actor race, which can mean another victory in September and then later at Golden Globes.

Comparing last year Critics, Golden Globes and Emmy winners, they don't match. C.K also won last year, but Don CheadleJon Cryer beat him, respectively. Also, last years Best Comedy Series winner Community lost to Modern Family.

The same applies with Drama category, however, there still are some messages we still can see. For instance, the win of Zachary Quinto for BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A MOVIE OR MINI-SERIES. He's never been nominated for American Horror Story, however an amazing second season can bring him first nominations at Emmys and Globes. Especially when, he seems to be well predicted by critics. 

Best Drama series has two winners: Game of Thrones & Breaking Bad. It seems to be close to reality. Last year winner Homeland also won Primetime and HFPA awards. I actually don't count on tie, but one of them can get top prize. 

Jennifer Carpenter's nomination for playing Debra Morgan in Dexter is overdue but well deserved. Season 7 was her best indeed and I hope seeing her list among other nominees in the future. But female performers from Dexter don't get much love.

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Jun 7, 2013

Category Confirmations at EMMYs'13

According to the EMMY official calendar, the nominations ballots will be distributed on June 10, returning them to Ernst & Young on June 28. As ruled by Academy of Television Arts & Science, nominees can be submitted by producers of show, or by potential nominees themselves.

Here is a breakdown of submissions by most important TV shows this year:

Supporting Actor - Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Nolan Gould, Ed O'Neill, Eric Stonestreet
Supporting Actress - Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara, Ariel Winter
Guest Actor - Benjamin Bratt, Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Rob Riggle, Fred Willard
Guest Actress - Elizabeth Banks, Paget Brewster, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Elizabeth Pena

According to my current predictions (will be posted shortly) Ty, Jesse, Ed, Eric, Julie & Sofia get their respective supporting nominations, however as I already discussed Jesse or Ed may get some trouble making final list. 

The same time, Elizabeth Banks gets a huge buzz for her guest performance as Sal and Matthew Broderick has a huge chance to get his second Emmy nomination.

Supporting Actor - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, Kit Harrington
Supporting Actress - Emilia Clarke, Michelle Fairley, Lena Headey
Guest Actor - Ciaran Hinds
Guest Actress - Diana Rigg

Most realistic nominees are Peter Dinklage & Michelle Fairley - who just blew our minds in the 9th episode by seven minutes performance at the Red Wedding.
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Jun 5, 2013

Emmy Predictions: Will We be Surprised?

Neil Patrick Harris will host this year's EMMYs
Chapter 1: Probable Snubs

Predicting major categories is always big deal. Every year, someone gets snubbed and new one gets in. Especially, when Netflix renewed Arrested Development, an Emmy winner comedy missed by its numerous fans, including those who vote. This changes a lot. Modern Family no longer has safe bet for winning best series category and maybe not all 6 adult actors are going to fall in final list.

It's not wise to claim that Modern Family won't get major nod for Comedy Series, it is still one of the best candidates to win this category. But all 6 actors in final list? Not sure. I think, some of them are safe: Two times winner Julie Bowen, winners Ty Burrel and Eric Stonestreet are shoo-in nominees. Sofia Vergara is also on bright side and most probably will make the top 6.

Biggest deal is Comedy Supporting Actor nomination, where two new actors from Arrested Development compete: Jeffrey Tambor  and Will Arenett. Their pretty funny performances and the fact that people are missing this show may bring them an Emmy nomination. Also, Max Greenfield from New Girl - who turns out  to be Emmys favorite actor - makes someone from Modern Family leave this years nominations. This can be either Ed O'Neil or Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Despite the great season, both of them were about average this year. Ed's character seems to be flat and same already years and Jesse does not bring much new on the screen.  Personally, I believe if someone falls out of nominees that would be O'Neil, since Ferguson still can bring smile to cheeks or even laugh loudly. 

Another actor, who will not make it is Steve Buscemi of Boardwalk Empire.

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