Predicting 86th Oscars: Best Actor

Best Actor nomination seems to be overcrowded this year, with big names and successful new ones. Here I'll give a breakdown of most likable nominees of 5 candidates and another 5 of possible spoilers. So, here we go:

Leonardo DiCaprio | Tom Hanks | Forest Whitaker | Bruce Dern | Steve Carrel

Despite the fact that trailer of The Wolf of Wall Street did not actually talk much about Leo's great performance, I still think his time has come. Two movies this year, with two great performances can be a Bingo! He's really great in The Great Gatsby and Scorsese promises even better in November. So DiCaprio can easily be among five honored actors of 2013.

Tom Hanks returns with two very serious roles on big screen. Any of them (Saving Mr. Banks or Captain Phillips) is deserving. My prediction goes to Saving Mr. Banks where Hanks portrays Academy Awards total champion, Walt Disney - a man legend and if he does well (he'll for sure), Tom will contend for his third best actor win.

Forest Whitaker (for The Butler) portrays Cecil Gaines - a butler who worked in the White House for eight presidential terms changing many many things inside and outside of palace. The movie seems to have a lot emotions, brilliant cast and a catchy story. Forest is outstanding and I am sure he will get in.

Bruce Dern already won Cannes best actor award for Nebraska. He can be a top contender in Oscar race, just like Jean Dujardin who finally won both awards.

Steve Carrel - Foxcatcher is a true story drama, where Carrel plays schizophrenic killer John du Pont. If the academy likes the movie itself, Steve has everything to be nominated: a good film, a strange and hard to play character, a new comer status at Oscars. So, he's #5 predicted nominee so far.

Another five actors who can easily replace any above:

  • Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club
  • Robert Redford in All is Lost
  • Bradley Cooper in American Hustle
  • Benedict Cumberbatch in The Fifth Estate
  • Michael B. Jordan in Fruitvale Station
Who do you consider to be major contender in this year's race?

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  1. I think Idris Elba may have a shot for that Mandella movie. I don't think Leo is in, the trailer makes the movie look even more like something Academy won't like.

  2. Yeah, he can be, however the movie does not bring much buzz for now. We'll see what happens