Emmy Predictions: Will We be Surprised?

Neil Patrick Harris will host this year's EMMYs
Chapter 1: Probable Snubs

Predicting major categories is always big deal. Every year, someone gets snubbed and new one gets in. Especially, when Netflix renewed Arrested Development, an Emmy winner comedy missed by its numerous fans, including those who vote. This changes a lot. Modern Family no longer has safe bet for winning best series category and maybe not all 6 adult actors are going to fall in final list.

It's not wise to claim that Modern Family won't get major nod for Comedy Series, it is still one of the best candidates to win this category. But all 6 actors in final list? Not sure. I think, some of them are safe: Two times winner Julie Bowen, winners Ty Burrel and Eric Stonestreet are shoo-in nominees. Sofia Vergara is also on bright side and most probably will make the top 6.

Biggest deal is Comedy Supporting Actor nomination, where two new actors from Arrested Development compete: Jeffrey Tambor  and Will Arenett. Their pretty funny performances and the fact that people are missing this show may bring them an Emmy nomination. Also, Max Greenfield from New Girl - who turns out  to be Emmys favorite actor - makes someone from Modern Family leave this years nominations. This can be either Ed O'Neil or Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Despite the great season, both of them were about average this year. Ed's character seems to be flat and same already years and Jesse does not bring much new on the screen.  Personally, I believe if someone falls out of nominees that would be O'Neil, since Ferguson still can bring smile to cheeks or even laugh loudly. 

Another actor, who will not make it is Steve Buscemi of Boardwalk Empire.

He's been nominated for every season since its premiere. But after premiere of House of Cards, Kevin Spacey seems to be one of the front runners, leaving no space for Steve. Since The Newsroom is still a lovely new show and Jeff Daniels bring an amazing performance, I bet Buscemi won't make it. Especially, when Boardwalk Empire is not going to be nominated for Best Drama Series.

Chapter 2: Good Surprises

After the brilliant first season of  American Horror Story, the second was even better, especially for actors. Zachary Quinto seems to have the biggest chance to get in final list of Movie/Mini Series Supporting Actor for playing Dr. Oliver Thredson.
Zachary Quinto and Jessica Lange
His performance is great, the character is complex and interesting, more important - he is one of the central figures among others. The show gets a lot attention and love, so we might see his name in nominee list.

Another actor from House of Cards may get his first Emmy nominations - Corey Stoll in supporting race. He plays troubled congressman, accused in sex scandal with underage, drug user, with messy private life. He brilliantly copes with emotional task of his character and final episodes of first season mostly concentrates on him, which gives a heavy screening time. The series itself was a big surprise for everyone, counting numerous fans among critics. So, he's got a huge chance to be nominated.

Two times Emmy nominee Elizabeth Banks can go three for Modern Family as a comedy guest actress, for portraying extravagant, super crazy friend of Cameron and Mitchel. Actually, she does what she's supposed to do - makes us laugh. Why not consider her?!

9th episode of Game of Thrones changed many things both, in terms of show and in terms of awards. Now it's better candidate for winning Best Drama series and maybe Michelle Fairley will compete in supporting actress nomination for such dramatic and heartbreaking performance. She delivers real drama, pain, despair and death. Her characters is not alike other potential nominees, which can help her to get first nomination. But on the other hand, its the only worthy performance for the whole show. We don't know yet, if the producers submit her but if they do, she's got god damn huge chances. (And I'd love to see her in that list)
The Red Wedding
As for show itself, can Game of Thrones win its first ever Drama Series nominations?! It can happen. Homeland is last year winner, Mad Men won 4 times and its' getting boring. Actually, both series follow very well known line of drama series. George R.R. Martin's adaptations is something new - an unexpected journey which shocks every fan. I believe, red wedding scene is going to affect every voter.

And finally, Steven Soderbergh's drama Behind the Candelabra can win over American Horror Story. Palme d'Or nominee film, with outstanding performances by Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, brings freshness in Movie/Miniseries nomination which can successfully result in Emmy win.

How do you think, who'll get in the final lists or who will be snubbed?


  1. I still feel like Modern Family is gonna win, there isn't one specific show that voters can rally around to beat it. One of the men will probably get snubbed though.

    As for Game of Thrones, I think they definitely increased their chances with episode 9. I agree that Fairley is the only nomination-worthy performance so far. I don't think Dinklage has done much with his role this year.

  2. Agree the Modern Family wins this year. For me, it's absolutely sure win. But there always are some threats.

    As for Dinklage, he's not been as good as he was in Season 1. But I think the critics still love him and also, drama supp. actor race is not that tough. So Peter is kind of safe, I guess.

    Fairley must be nominated, she's been amazing the whole season and I think they will vote for her. But this largely depends on how voter perceive the greatness of the episode 9 :D