For Emmy Consideration: TV-Shows for Next Week

Before I put my final Emmy predictions here, I'm having a look to every potential nominee TV-Show for award considerations. This week I saw three of them, The Americans, Bates Motel and American Horror Story: Asylum. Here is a short outline of each and their chances to get in final nominees.

I love this poster of The Americans
Elizabeth (Kerry Russel) and Phillip (Matthew Rhys) Jennings are parents of two, living it-seems-to-be-a-quiet life in the suburbs of Washington D.C. They have one real full time job which is being a KGB agents in the United States, the rest is just cover. The show follows their lives during the cold war period, which requires a lot sacrifice from agents of Russia. The Americans is about protecting what you believe is truth, making choices and the price of having family. 

Being very dynamic, dramatic and well-written show, The Americans boosts its chances on upcoming Emmys. Leads are brilliant. Matthew is just outstanding playing a wonderful mix of secret agent, father and caring husband. He's go a huge chance to be among other nominees in Best Drama Actor nomination, if the academy decides not to vote for traditional nominees. Drama lead categories have not changed much during last three years and if its going to be that way, Rhys is gonna miss this opportunity. The same applies to Russel who is another Claire Danes for portraying stubborn, yet devoted agent who tries to save her job and family the same time. Drama actress category has some old names: Danes, Margulies, Elizabeth Moss, Glenn Close, who've enjoyed multiple nominations lately. The only chance Kerry gets in is academy members wanting to see new names on the list.

But for me, both nominations are one of the most deserving this year. Including The Americans as a nominee of best drama series, which is less likely to happen, since the category is over-overloaded. 


A brilliant prequel to Alfer Hitchcock's Psycho. A story of Norman Bates, or how he turned into a killer. Norman (Freddie Highmore) is a teenager, whose father died and mother decided to move to another city helping son in staring over. They buy a former motel and re-brand it into more fashionable Bates Motel. Shortly, Norman's brother Dylan returns home and starts to discover secrets of his mother, which are not really her secrets.Vera Farmiga is a brilliant Mrs Bates. Sever, caring, dramatic, her child loving mother, who does everything to keep little Norman safe. So far, her best episode is 4, where she tries to overcome her sympathy towards sheriff or believe everything Norman says. 

If someone new is going to get in nominee list of Best Drama actress, Vera is the best choice. Freddie is submitted as supporting actor, which does not significantly increase his chances, but someone might love him. He's not brilliant, however there is something that makes him an outstanding Norman Bates.

Frankly, the show itself is not worth of Best Drama nod. It's good, I enjoy it, but not awesome enough to name it this year's best.


An original series about cohabitation of three men and a woman in the very same apartment. After desperate breakup with boyfriend Jess (Zooey Deschanel) finds 3 stranger roommates and tries to get over losing her man. She's a very special person, who loves enjoying every minute of her life, which does not really end successfully most of times. But those four are starting to like to live with each other.

Despite the show not being super hilarious, Zooey is magical. I literally fell in love with Jess - a happy, naive young girl, who bring happiness to everybody around her. I am almost sure about her nomination in Best Comedy Actress. 

As for the Max Greenfield - an eccentric roommate Schmidt - he has previous nomination but this year it can be hard to get a place. Arrested Development marches with multiple supporting actor submissions, who may get their well deserved nominations.


Whether any of these get nomination or not, all of three are highly recommended to watch, if you want to spend some very pleasant end interesting time.

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