Movie Review: Snowpiercer [2014]

I think most directors are obsessed with post apocalyptic universe. In the beginning they tried to demonstrate different ways the world would end. Today, the question is what happens after these events and for no particular reason, the picture ain't beautiful.

Director Joon-ho Bong sees that the world can end as the result of Ice Age. There are few survivors who luckily get into the longest train that goes round and round the Earth. The train and railways connecting all continents were built by mystery man Mr. Wilford [Ed Harris] - a magnate in pre apocalyptic world. After deadly events, he puts number of people in this enormous iron machine and goes to nonstop journey around the globe. For more than 17 years they've been travelling through the same path, nonstop. Guarantee of the safe and never ending relocation is an Engine also invented by Mr. Wilford and his company.

In this genre movies it is a majority opinion that survivors will once again go through slavery, segregation, violence and many other disgusting stuff mankind has forgotten in past centuries. The train has a lot cages: the front ones are for high class passengers - so called elite ones, who's main job is to make the machine go, and keep other people safe. the tail is for, let's say, slaves - people who work, have shitty beds, do not take shower and only eat protein for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Most of workers are "thankful" for being alive but there is always someone willing to go against the crowed and government. Curtis [Chris Evans] is true, naturally born leader, who [of course] is not willing to lead anyone, he's just a rebel soul, who remembers the Earth as it was and still misses barely remembering taste of freedom. With his friend, Edgar [Jamie Bell] he's been waiting for a good chance to fight back and after 17 years somebody from the front decided to help poor people, sending them secret messages through protein bars. Curtis with the courage of Gilliam [John Hurt] - previous leader of the train - starts a rebellion.
You're damn right. It's Tilda, our Tilda
Snowpiercer is a good action drama. On the paper it may seem a little cheap, however when you watch it, it seems quite exciting, thrilling and captivating. Story does not suggest much, different from similar movies and it rather concentrates on brutality of people when they feel, own the power. But what I found interesting, how they managed to show it in short journey from the last cabin of train to the first one. Movie actually starts by introducing tail of the train - residence of poorest people and stays there quite long. But later it makes us discover "better parts" of it. I think of this machine as a future model of Noah's Ark, just with more people on board. Except humans, it is saving number of animals/fishes and rest of ecosystem. As if they are hoping for happy, biblical ending. Maybe, the reason why God only saved Noah's family is to avoid everything going on this train [so, we can call Snowpiercer a failed biblical story], because everytime, bunch of people occur to be in a same, closed place, they start fighting for power. And they all die, always.

This film follows the same narrative.
Better place than Noah's Arch
Technically, I liked the movie just because it was well filmed. It had good shots, great editing and it kept me captivated to the screen. Actors did the same good job here: Tilda Swinton was brilliant as coldhearted, arrogant, brutal leader from upper stratum. So is Chris Evans being a smart dude, who leads his people to front and plays always cool. I loved Jamie Bell's short performance here - nothing much, but I enjoyed it.

The best part of Snowpiercer is cinematography. It is not Gravity or Avatar or anything like that, but lights helped to tell the story. There are some very beautiful shots that rapidly change contrasting different parts of train. Well, mostly it's typical camera angle choices, however in total, it turns out to be quit impressive.
Without doing much, Snowpiercer is a memorable piece of work. It will not stay in your mind for a long time, however at first time watch, it impresses a lot, because brings the most important - pleasure and good moviegoing experience.

P.S. I think the ending is quite impressive. So, check it out

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