Random Thoughts on Emmys, Oscars and Game of Thrones Finale

Game of Thrones is over and before we [the fans] miss it, we have many other things to worry about. For instance, upcoming Emmy season and whatever indifference we show, we all want that out favorite show wins. I've been rooting during all three previous seasons for GoT, even though I knew that Mad Men and Breaking Bad [at Golden Globes] were voters favorite. 
Before I move on awards, here are some words about Game of Thrones. It's been an amazing season, my favorite one after last year, The Red Wedding still remains as my most favorite scene on TV lately. To my opinion, the best episode of GoT this year was The Laws of Gods and Men, first of all because of Tyrion's speech and secondly, because of amazingly crafted story. I think that this episode can bring Peter Dinklage second win, unless voters don't stick to Aaron Paul again. 

Also, The Watchers on the Wall is best directed episode this year. I actually think that it is one of the best episodes of GoT in four years. Epic battle scenes always work for directors, these huge shots, massive attacks and lots of blood. 

I think it's time for Sophie Turner to be recognized for her amazing job in this show. Really people? She's been through everything person can be. I believe she's got best chances this year, because we all saw her transformation from victim to fighter and someone who can stand for her future. I think female voters will like it. I've always believed that Sansa is a good character, somehow interesting and she can be very important one, in fact [I don't know about book, but I feel so]. 

Now, let's talk about EMMYS:

Drama Category is facing some huge changes, since new show, HBO's another masterpiece True Detective comes into play. Regardless huge category fraud [I still believe it is miniseries], it is almost 100% nominee. I hope it takes either Mad Men's or Downton Abbey's spot.

Breaking Bad is of course in, alongside Game of Thrones and House of Cards. The 6th spot in Drama Series category is for The Good Wife, which had the best season of the show and to my opinion was the best show of this award season. It is not about one or two good episodes, its writers constantly surprised me with well though stories and masterful dialogues. Leaving alone that this show had number 1 cast on TV, The Good Wife suggested some major plot twists and dramatic moments.

The [my] award for Best Drama Episode of this season goes to Hitting the Fan [The Good Wife] - episode where Will learns about Alicia leaving the firm with Carey. Unfortunately, producers of the same show do not agree with me, since they did not submit it for either writing or directing.

Julianna Margulies, as always, was outstanding in this season. She delivered my favorite performance and I think she was even better than Robin Wright, who definitely deserves nomination for being outstanding.

As for the Comedy category, I am sure Modern Family is winning its record breaking 5th Emmy and ties to Frasier for most wins. It had some great comedy episodes, like Las Vegas, The Wedding, Part II and Under Pressure. Except that, it was the most important season celebrating same sex marriage wins in America, so I guess voters will definitely vote for it.
Last year, Eric Stonestreet was surprisingly snubbed from supporting actor race. But I think he had brilliant moments this year and if someone wins from Modern Family, this should be him.

Shameless is submitted in Comedy nomination, where it might have more chances to make it in major category, than in Drama. But I don't really see this show as comedy, especially last season, which was whole pack of dramas and tears. I just finished watching and it is brilliant but this sudden category switch will hurt its odds.

The same applies to Emmy Rossum [Fiona Gallagher]. She was outstanding in this year, but not really a comedy performance. I'd obviously choose someone funnier over her.

New in competition is Orange is the New Black a show I tried to watch but did not really work. It seems people love it. I am not sure that it has big chances for win, especially for Emmys that mostly makes conservative choices and does not let newcomers to jump in in major races.

And now OSCARs, which is too far away, but I still made some major category predictions.

Last week, one of the top contender Birdman's teaser was released. It did not excite me too much, but because of interesting source material, I still predict it to be among Best Picture nominees. However, I still think Foxcatcher is going to be winner of this title.

I also updated Directing category, predicting Bennett Miller winning for biopic Foxcatcher.

My Lead Actor predictions is led by Steve Carell, also for Foxcatcher, who can easily win if the movie is front runner for major win.

I also predict Amy Adams to finally win her well deserved Lead Actress Oscar for Big Eyes.

In supporting races, I'm rooting for Mark Ruffalo [Foxcatcher] and Patricia Arquette [Boyhood] in corresponding categories.

You can check the rest of nominations from 87th Oscar Prediction dropdown menu.


  1. If Sophie played the part mute I'd be all rooting for her but her voice annoys me so much and is such a bad fit for Sansa I can't. That snow castle scene was horrid. But she has good scenes - like when she watches the joust during Purple Wedding. Overall for me this season Kit Harington was the highlight - he did so much never being reduced to caricature as for me, Dinklage did with Tyrion in that trial scene.And I'm hoping Pascal gets nominated at least. But after last year's omissions of Fairley and Waldau Emmys are really not something that speeds up my heart rate :)

  2. It's hard to say whether anybody is nominated from GoT except Dinklage. Since it's a huge cast, it may cause a lot variations of possible nominees. But I appreciate what Sophie did in this season.

    I'd love to see Pascal getting nomination. He actually was pretty terrific in so many scenes. Let's hope that he does.

    Though, I don't see Kit getting in. He had some great moments, especially in the Watchers on the Wall, but I don't know, kind of doubt voters will buy it.

    Yeah, agree that omission of Fairley last year was shockingly wrong decision from Academy.