Emmy Comedy Series: Which episodes should be included on Modern Family Emmy DVD?

Four times Emmy champ kicks off its fight for the fifth trophy with dozens of nomination submissions. If it wins for current season, it will tie for most wins with Frazier [5] and since it's been renewed for 6th season, this show can break another record, which will definitely make me happy.
Producers have made following submissions:

Writing for a Comedy Series [total 8]
A Jay's Night | Message Received | Suddenly, Last Summer | The Help | The Late Show | The Wedding Part II | Under Pressure | Las Vegas

Directing for a Comedy Series [total 9]
Australia | ClosetCon '13 | Larry's Wife | Suddenly, Last Summer | The Freud | The Late Show | The Old Man and The Tree | The Wedding Part II | Las Vegas

Supporting Actor/Actress in a Comedy Series [total 10]
Ty Burell | Jesse Tyler Ferguson | Nolan Gould | Ed O'Neill | Rico Rodriguez | Eric Stonestreet | Julie Bowen | Sarah Hyland | Sofia Vergara | Ariel Winter

Guest Performers [total 12]
Rhys Darby [ep: Australia] | Jesse Eisenberg [ep: Under Pressure] | John Benjamin Hickey [ep: Under Pressure] | Nathal Lane [ep: The Wedding Part II] | Stephen Merchant [ep: Las Vegas] | Chazz Palminteri [ep: Three Dinners] | Rob Riggle [ep: Under Pressure] | Fred Willard [ep: The Help] | Elizabeth Banks [ep: The Wedding Part II] | Jane Krakowski [ep: Under Pressure] | Jennifer Tilly [ep: Three Dinners] | Celia Weston [ep: The Wedding Part II]

According to rules, each supporting actor/actress shall submit one episode for voters consideration and producers shall select 6 episodes for Best Comedy Series nomination consideration. Here is what I think:

Ty Burell - Australia Phil takes the whole family to Australia in memory of his parents, who had honeymoon there. He is here funny and dramatic the same time, dealing with his misfortunes with animals and Clair's ignorance, who wants to go back to hotel. 
Jesse Tyler Ferguson - Message Received Mitchell is trying to save his wedding and decides to sell his most valuable comics, while Cameron tries to do so by selling his grandpa's present. JTF's performance is very touching and hilarious in this episode. 
Nolan Gould - iSpy Luke is trying to get rid of parental control.
Ed O'Neill - Las Vegas Jay takes whole family to Vegas vacation in the best hotel, however, everyday he discovers that there are more services which he can not afford because of not having special VIP statuses, so he decides to get one. 
Rico Rodriguez - The Old Man and the Tree Manny helps Jay to get New Year tree. He, as always, plays smartass kid and is really funny in this episode.
Eric Stonestreet - The Wedding, Part II Cameron is nervous about postponed wedding. He is panicking, because it does not seem to work as epic as they planned. He has some good, deep, emotional moments.
Julie Bowen - Under Pressure One of the best episodes of this season, Claire goes to open house with Gloria. She's very stressed and takes all these on Gloria in front of parents.
Sarah Hyland - The Wedding, Part II Haley finally meets "her" guy - the help of Jay and Gloria. She analyzes that she's transformed from hot-cool-guys-loving girl to sweet-smart-interesting guys lover. So, Haley tries not to let the boy go to his unfaithful girlfriend.
Sofia Vergara  - Under Pressure One of the best episodes of this season, Gloria goes to open house with Claire. Gloria encounters a "mean girl" mom and ends up in fight with Claire.
Ariel Winter - Australia This is where Alex finds out that she's hot and she can really catch eyes of handsome guys. 

As for Comedy Series, here are my top 6 episodes:
Las Vegas | The Wedding, Part II | Under Pressure | The Late Show | Message Received | iSpy

I included iSpy in this list for particular reason - it was very funny and since voters have to watch other 5 submitted episodes otherwise - because they are submitted for other nominations - a little diversity would not hurt its chances. In fact, the more episodes voters watch, the more definite Modern Family's win will be.

What do you thing about these submissions?


  1. Omg Phill was hysterical in Australia! That's one of the very few eps this season I remember well

  2. Yes, he was. I did not even need to look through all episodes to choose his best one. However, he was also good in Las Vegas.

  3. Do you really think Ariel Winter should submit "Australia" for Emmy consideration when she gave the performance of her life in "Under Pressure"? Really?

  4. The problem with Under Pressure is that it was more Claire's and Gloria's episode and she would be kind of unnoticed. The same time, I believe she's not going to be a serious contender in this category, so does not make much sense.

  5. Unfortunately you're probably right about Ariel's chances, based on what I've seen in terms of Emmy predictions. I stand by my thoughts on her performance in "Under Pressure" (I've felt that way since seeing it back in January) but it appears it has sadly flown under the radar. It also makes me wish even more that they had made it an hour episode and shown more of her time in therapy.

  6. the TV Academy does not like nominating such young people, especially when the cast is so huge. Two supp. actress nominees are enough from the same show. I don't think she can win over either Vergara or Bowen. But I generally believe that Ariel's all good in almost every episode.