Are You Excited about Star Trek 3?

I'm excited to hear that third installment of new Star Trek generation will be released in 2016. The moment I watched Star Trek Into Darkness I could not wait to hear about the next movie. Director and writer Roberto Orci explained that the new film will take place in the deep space. 

This new adventure of Enterprise will take place five years after defeating Khan.

Bad news for me is that J.J. Abrams is not going to direct third part, which on the paper does not sound good. Orci, who's co-written previous two parts now takes the top chair and probably will try to do it better than his predecessor. I really hope he does, otherwise movie will suck and we all be disappointed. Especially, when you have to wait for more two years.

Good thing is that it will bring more new characters to the screen and gets closer to original TV Series of the same name.

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Source: MovieWeb


  1. I don't know how to feel about J.J. not being on board for the next Star Trek. I want to be excited but when the director is usually changed out for someone else, and someone not well-liked or respected by fans, we all end up suffering. *keeping my fingers crossed*

  2. I have the same feeling Katy. I really hope he does it at least as good as JJ. The only thing that strengthens my hopes is that he wrote previous two movies, so it might work well this time