Top 10 Tattoos in Movies

I have a great passion about tattoos, obsession that never goes away. In movies tattoos are either used to somehow express the character or just make their bodies hotter. In any case, they always double my thirst to watch these movies. 

So, here are my Top 10 Tattoos in Movies, which I would not mind to wear some time:
They say Brad Pitt can be sexy in everything and this pretty much proves it. I like his very minimalist and carefully designed tattoos. Those who have seen Snatch might remember that it almost covers every inch of Brad's top.
I'd not be willing to have those tattoos but what I really like about them is diversity and mix of colors. They are also massive and for the purposes of movie truly expresses the character.
This is kind of tattoo that does not make sense separately but all together it is pretty cool. Those numbers, japanese alphabet and stuff - it's pretty lame. But as a whole, they look kind of one great work.

I am not sure if they invent those tattoos just for fangirls or they really are important for characters, but The Mortal Instruments is a great material for quite cool and extraordinary tattoos, especially if you are either book or any actor big fan. In my opinion, each tattoo in this film is an exquisite work.
I like this tattoo of George Clooney because it covers whole arm and it looks quite good. But boy, I've seen so many horrible variations of this tattoo that I almost hate it.
Angelina Jolie has a lot tattoos in real life too. Some of those on the picture are fictional for movie Wanted and they all look great. Just like her husband, she's splendid in anything, even in dragon tattoo.
If you've seen Divergent you know how epicly awesome and huge this tattoo is. This is actually the one I'm actually gonna have quite soon. I like it because it's massive, covers most of back and it's dark. For a better view, click here.
The Broken Circle Breakdown is a phenomenal movie for so many reasons, but I can not stop mentioning Veerle Baetens's very colorful tattoos. I can't even say exactly why I find this so beautiful, but I really do.
I was quite a little kid when I saw Memento and this made me want to have lots of tattoos and probably this is why I'm so much into "letter tattoos". Except the fact that those tattoos are really important in this particular film, they look awesome.
Pretty obvious choice, huh? Most of all, I like placement of tattoos - this tear is just so creepy and good looking. Luke's [Gosling] body is covered with number of different images and ornaments and they make very impressive unique tattoo.

What are some your favorite tattoos in movies?


  1. Love this list! Clooney's full arm-to-neck tat in From Dusk Till Dawn is amazing. And it inspired Brad Pitt's tat in the Oceans films, which is so cool.

    My favorite movie tat is Leonard's ink in Memento. I don't think tattoos have ever had some much impact on narrative before.

  2. Agree Alex. Memento is a masterful movie in so many levels, including those tattoos.

  3. I think De Niro's tattoos in Cape Fear made him so much more frightening. There's something mean about those bad designs that I find really scary, for some reason.

    It's not a complex one, but Edward Norton's in American History X has a great impact. Great blog! :D

  4. Thanks Sofia for stopping by. Edward's tattoo almost made my list.

    I agree about De Niro. His tattoos look exactly they were supposed to look.

  5. Tattoos in movies always made me think of Memento and Girl With Dragon Tattoo. But i also really like the collection of prison tats decorating Gosling in The Place Beyond The Pines which contributes to the character significantly. Great choices here :D

  6. Thank you and welcome to my blog :)