Emmy Drama Series: Which episodes should be included on The Good Wife Emmy DVD?

This year, The Good Wife had the best year. 5th season had been amazing in all aspect, but most importantly very interesting plot twists and complicated, engaging stories. In my [humble] opinion, it is this season's number 1 show. Two episodes, which I'll talk later - Hitting the Fan and Dramatics, Your Honor, is possibly the best episodes of entire TV year. 
Producers have made 20 submissions in major categories:

Writing for a drama series: [total: 1]
The Last Call

Directing for a drama series: [total: 3]
A Weird Year | Dramatics, Your Honor | The Decision Tree 

Lead Actress in a drama series: [total: 1]
Julianna Margulies

Supporting Actor/Actress in a drama series: [total: 6]
Josh Charles | Matt Czuchry | Matthew Goode | Zach Grenier | Christine Baranski | Archie Panjabi

Guest performers: [total: 8]
Dylan Baker | Michael Cerveris | John Benjamin Hickey | Nathan Lane | Jason O'Mara | Jeffrey Tambor | Malik Yoba | Carrie Preston

I think this year The Good Wife can score most nominations in its history either in acting or creative categories. So, here are my suggested episodes for lead/supporting cast members:
Julianna Margulies - The Last Call Hardest decision to make, because she's been flawless in all episodes and especially in Hitting the Fan. However, The Last Call is a very good dramatic moment for her, when she's dealing with Will's death and sense of guilt for quitting Lockhart/Gardner. 
Josh Charles - Hitting the Fan. Will learns about Alicia leaving the firm with Carey and he is mad, disappointed, hurt. His final speech to Alicia is a good example of powerful emotions. 
Matt Czuchry - either Hitting the Fan or The Next Day. First is strongest episode of the season and Carey's character has pretty much screentime, however I think The Next Day brings his most important performance of this season when he fights against Lockhart Gardner.
Matthew Goode The Last Call. His scene in hospital where Alicia visits is a great awards submission. He suffers from everything he's seen in courtroom during and after gunfire. 
Zach Grenier - The Last Call. He seems to be all the same in every episode and I'd not have much hopes for Zach. 
Christine Baranski - The Last Call. Likewise Alicia, Diane also suffers from her best friend's death and makes some tough decisions regarding unfaithful clients.
Archie Panjabi - The Last Call. Kalinda is trying to revenge for death of her boss. I liked her performance because she was different, for the first time caring, emotional and very very angry person.

reminds of something?
I'm surprised that they did not submit Hitting the Fan for anything at all. It is one of those episodes, that left me breathless, that shocked me and made me applause. I'd say it was a frontrunner for directing. However, I agree that the Last Call is a good piece of work for writing nomination.

This tweet by Graham Phillips pretty much explains it all:
In acting categories Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles and Christine Baranski are shoo in nominees. I'd also root for Matthew Goode. In guest categories brilliant Carrie Preston and Nathan Lane are my choices. However, anything can happen, for instance Archie Panjabi and Dylan Baker getting another nominations.

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