Top 10 TV Drama Episodes of 2013-2014

This TV season has ended. In fact, only Emmys are left to conclude 2013-2014 season of television to celebrate bests of this year. 

It's been an amazing year for my favorite series and we had some newcomers, like True Detective. I watched Shameless for the first time, finished long awaited Game of Thrones and House of Cards. Had some disappointment with The Following and Dexter and I did not expect that Hostages would only last for one season.

Finally, all comes down to these 10 TV Drama episodes as the most outstanding achievements this year, that I will remember quite long and quite well: [spoilers ahead]

10. From a Cradle to a Grave [The Originals]
The Originals turned out to be a pleasant surprise. After so average Vampire Diaries, this show can suggest something different from merely vampire stories. In this season finale, writers suggested final battle between vampires, witches and werewolves, leaving so many questions open. Regardless happy ending, this hour long episode had quite number of plot twists and huge dramatic moments. As a fan of the show, I enjoyed ending very much.
9. Lazarus [Shameless]
Shameless has become one of my favorite shows of all time. I know, it competes as comedy series, but I more consider it to be drama. Lazarus is final episode of current season and it was mindblowing. Frank recovers from illness and Fiona is released from prison, so she tries to get family control back. To the end of this episode, I thought we had a happy ending, however i was not. This huge family has another problem - possible bi-polarity of Ian, who had just settled his relationship with Mickey.
8. A Weird Year [The Good Wife]
The Good Wife had the best of its seasons and A Weird Year was a brilliant finale. The story was huge, massive and very intrigue. I love that every episode is about courts and cases and they still manage to put somewhere other interesting parts of those lawyers lives. This episode suggest two most important plot twists - Diane Lockhart joining Florrick/Argos and Eli suggesting Alicia to run for state's attorney. I am sure we have a lot more interesting season 6 ehead.
7. Form and Void [True Detective]
True Detective is one of those shows, that you watch just because it is superbly done and acted, but it does not suggest much twists and emotions. For me, it's not an easy job to get every episode of it, sometimes it is not even fun to watch, however, every other episode just blows my mind. Form and Void is one of the most debatable and weird season finales of all time and it still keeps me thinking what the hell was it.
6. The Watchers on the Wall [Game of Thrones]
Game of Thrones did not have the best season this year, however it had couple of episodes, that truly are among the bests of entire show. The Watchers on the Wall is one of them. Those battle scenes are massive and amazing, every detail was so well thought and played. I don't know what's going on in book, I think that it was perfect from very first to last second. Those mammoths, giants, wall-climbers - it was breathtakingly epic.
5. His Last Vow [Sherlock]
TV geeks tend to speak very few after finale of Sherlock season. But I can't help myself thinking about dynamics of this episode, which told so big and complex story that you almost get lost. The reason I enjoyed this episode most is that here you are not sure if Sherlock wins, because writers make you think so and when here comes the final scene, you suddenly want to applause. A great story is combined with brilliant acting of Benedict and Martin Freeman. So, I believe His Last Vow was Sherlock's best episode, so far.
4. Chapter 14 [House of Cards]
House of Cards season premiere was astonishingly masterful, just because of killing the character we thought can last long enough to make things hard for Francis Underwood.
3. The Laws of Gods and Men [Game of Thrones]
Game of Throne's one of the best episodes of all time. It would be absolutely fare to say that Peter Dinklage is the reason that makes The Laws of Gods and Men so perfect. This two minutes speech delivers it all - the reasons he deserves, deserved and will deserve another Emmy/Globe.
2. Ozymandias [Breaking Bad]
I've never watch Breaking Bad, except this episode, which has perfect 10/10 on IMDB. I've never seen it before and I agree it deserved. The best way to wrap things up after five long seasons. Ozymandias is a great episode in all sense, especially writing and acting, because Bryan Cranston kills it.
1. Hitting the Fan [The Good Wife]
And finally, The Good Wife one again. Hitting the Fan is episode where Alicia and Cary leave the firm and take clients from Lockhart/Gardner. This is a masterpiece of writing, directing and acting. I remember I could not even move during 45 minutes of this episode while watching it. I liked how writers handled with this complicated story, that all main characters suffered the same way and in fact, nobody was winner, despite the fact that Florrick/Argos indeed took some clients from their ex-company.

I enjoyed the part of "restraining orders" very much, it brought quite much action and tension. I always loved how this show dealt with courtrooms, they always seemed realistic and live, not alike many other similar shows out there.

What are some of your favorite episodes from past TV Season?


  1. Ooo happy to see "His Last Vow" here. It was a great episode. It's my favourite Sherlock episode along with "The Reichenbach Falls". Also yaay The Originals! I really liked the season finale too.

  2. Thanks Nikhat for stopping by. Glad we agree on those, "The Reichenbach Falls" was also one of my favorites, just did not make top ten.

    As for The Originals, I never thought I'd be that seriously into this show, but it's a decent drama that I enjoy much.

  3. If I had to choose my fav out of those it would be Lazarus. Shameless was just a rollercoaster this year and probably most consistently amazing season of any show I've seen over last few months.

  4. It's definitely a good choice. I agree, Shameless was brilliant.

  5. Nice list here. I loved the season finale of True Detective - definitely still has me thinking too. But that season 2 opener for House of Cards... holy shit, what a doozy. One of the best hours of TV I've seen in quite some time.

  6. Thanks Alex, glad that you liked my list. Yep, House of Cards had truly masterful start.