For Your Oscar Consideration: The Judge [2014] Trailer

I think I've seen a poster
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Director David Dobkin has brought an amazing cast together for something, that looks quite cliche on the paper. The Judge is a story of very successful lawyer Henry Palmer [Robert Downey Jr.] who goes back to his hometown for his mother's funeral. However, soon he founds out that his estranged father town's Judge Joseph Palmer [Robert Duvall]  is convicted for her murder. Henry has to defend him in court. However this is not a battle against state prosecutor Dwight Dickham [Billy Bob Thornton], but he also has to settle differences with his own father.

The cast also includes Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga, Leighton Meester and Vincent D'Onofrio [Full Metal Jacket/Men in Black]. 

I labeled this film as Oscar consideration picture, because Robert Duvall can be a major contender in supporting actor race. I predict him to be nominated this year for portraying a troubled, stubborn and convicted father, who constantly refuses to rebond with his son.

As for random thoughts after first look:
There are a lot shots like this and it makes me think Henry Palmer's character is going to be one of those cliche, cool lawyers who tend to win ALL cases, just like Harvey Specter [Suits]. But in reality those people do not exist and I hate characters like this.
This is a look of kid-hating guy, who is not married and is not a father to anyone, but enjoys insulting nieces and nephews. I don't like it.
But later it gets more interesting. This father and son relationship complicates everything and redefines Downey Jr.'s character for me. Robert Duvall seems to be quite good to play a man who is justice to whole city and now has to defend himself.
As a verdict, I am not sure whether it's going to be a huge hit, however it can easily be one of those small, good movies that bring a late year nominations to its oldest cast member, for making a heartwarming, bad father portrait. Other than that, it first trailer does not suggest much to predict. It can still surprise in a good way, you know?!

Here you can watch trailer itself:

So, what do you think of it?

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