Top 10 Movies That Tear Me Emotionally Apart

I love the movies I remember. We all have a lot reasons to remember specific films - our favorite actors, directors and simply a touching story, that runs through your body and explodes all emotions inside you. Emotional influence is the most powerful weapon of director to make audience love his/her film.

Most of my favorite pictures have made a huge impact on me and some brought me to tears, which I'm not ashamed of at all. So, here are my Top 10 such kind of films [massive spoilers are ahead]:

Honorable mentions
  • Up
  • Life is Beautiful
  • The Hours
Maybe Mel Gibson has not done many memorable movies, but he sure did one of classic flicks such as Braveheart - a movie from my childhood which I used to watch so many times. Winning 5 Academy Awards, film manages to bring most tragic period of Scottish history in a heartbreaking manner.

The moment that kills me: Scene where William Wallace screams out FREEDOM which costs him life.

Probably everyone remembers September 11 and Paul Greengrass was one of many directors who tried to remember us the tragedy that affected so many people. And he was most successful in doing this, imho.

The moment that kills me: Call made by daughter to her mom to say goodbye. It's so freaking emotional, true and powerful, I can't stop thinking about real people trying to do the same for final words. sorry for bad quality video

When HBO released first trailer of The Normal Heart we all knew to where it headed, especially those who have seen the play itself [unfortunately, I'm not among them]. This is a real life story of personal tragedies of so many people not only in NYC, but all over the world.

The moment that kills meWhen Ned and Felix get married at the hospital, before Felix dies.

Gladiator probably is one of the best movies of all time and definitely one of my top films. With brilliant story and masterful acting it manages to be "you can watch anytime" film.

The moment that kills me: This speech... this music... this acting...

It is not a cinematic masterpiece, however Prayers for Bobby truly manages to deliver the horrifying side of terror, bigotry, fear of homosexuality and bad influence of society.

The moment that kills me: Suicide of Bobby

The Reader was my most favorite movie back in 2008 for so many reasons but mostly because of Kate Winslet's phenomenal performance and some great dramatic moments. This is a story of one woman's personal tragedy, past mistakes and consequences she bares in present. Stephen Daldry managed to show Hanna's story in such a touchy way that I actually cared about person who used to kill dozens of people in Auschwitz Camp. 

The moment that kills me: The court scene, where Hanna takes responsibility for the crime she did not commit, just because she was not willing to unveil her secret of being incapable of writing and reading.

The reason why I love Crash and why it won Best Picture is its great dramatic achievement. Crash has two very memorable moments - one a scene where little girl is shot and second where policeman saves a woman in car crash [pictured above]. Both are so amazingly done, they just tear your heart, make you cry and stick into your mind for quite long time.

The moment that kills me:  Those two scenes which perfectly deliver what a real drama is

For no particular reason, Ordinary People is one of my favorite movies of all time. This is a story of ordinary American family after a tragic death of senior son, their ups and downs and how everything can fade, even great love and family unity.

The moment that kills me: Each and every second of this film is full of drama, but this scene culminates all misunderstanding and estrangement between mother and son.

Ghost is one of those love story movies that look very average on the paper, but due to the brilliant acting, and especially by Whoopi Goldberg, a beautiful music and simple story, it turns out to be a spectacular picture.

The moment that kills me: It's called a coin scene, where Sam tries to prove to Molly that his soul really exists. Just watch it:

The Green Mile  is the best Stephen King novel adaptation and one of the most memorable piece in cinematic history. Telling a story of wrongly accused "God's Angel", every second of film is full of heartbreaking emotions and drama.

The moment that kills me: Obviously, John Coffey's execution scene. It's so hard to watch how prison guards treat him, how they respect and still have to kill him.

Can you think of the scenes which really makes you cry?


  1. Oh. sorry Alex for such a late reply. Just missed your comment, I guess.

    Yes, United 93 is such a big drama, and Ordinary People is one of my favorite movies of all time. Loved each and every performance there.

  2. Great list here. I love knowing what movies make other bloggers emotional. Most everything in United 93 slays me, and that call you mentioned is just devastating. That scene from Ordinary People is perfect as well. Mary Tyler Moore really should've won that Oscar.