66th EMMY Nominations Update: Submitted Episodes

According to Gold Derby, HBO has already made episode submissions for Drama/Comedy Series and nominated actors. DVDs with these episodes will be distributed to judges for voting consideration next week. This year, HBO has most nominations with Game of Thrones [19] in lead.
In my post about episode submissions for Game of Thrones, I considered following six episodes for Drama Series to be most credible:
  • The Laws of Gods and Man 
  • The Children
  • The Lion and the Rose
  • The Watchers on the Wall
  • Two Swords
  • The Mountain and the Viper
Four of them made it on Emmy DVD: The Lion and the Rose, The Laws of God and Man, The Watchers on the Wall and The Children. Instead of Two Swords and The Mountain and the Viper HBO submitted Breaker of Chains and First of His Name. Seeing Breaker of Chains here is a bit surprising because of its diverse raving reviews for rape scene. But I do not get the idea of First of His Name. Does even anybody remember what was it about? There are three groups of voters for Drama Series and there are three DVDs, each containing two episodes. I am not sure, how HBO allocated episodes to DVDs, but putting The Watchers on the Wall and The Children, two strongest episodes of current season, is not a wise decision. Because the third of voters, who get DVD of "The Lion and the Rose" & "Breaker of Chains" will not probably be as impressed as the other third. I believe, it would be more wise, to somehow balance submissions.

Lena Headey submitted The Lion and the Rose, I chose Breaker of Chains [just for sake of being a victim]. I think that the actual submissions is still very strong, since Cersei is what she is just because of her son and the scene where Jeoffrey dies, she's brilliant.

Peter Dinklage's submission was easiest to guess: The Laws of God and Man. His final trial speech is what Emmy voters really love and he just steals every second of those 7 minutes.
Another HBO hit show True Detective submitted 7 of its 8 episodes from first season. Haunted Houses [ep. 6] is the only episode not included on any DVD. It means that voters have to see practically whole season, that would raise chances for win. Also, Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey will compete with The Locked Room and Form and Void, respectively. The rest are included in Drama Series bundle.

Breaking Bad's submissions include highest rated episode of all time Ozymandias, which is also a personal choice of Bryan Cranston, while Aaron Paul goes with Confession.

You can find the rest of AMC's submissions [Mad Men] here.

So, what do you think of these submissions?

Source: Gold Derby.

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