Emmy Drama Series: Which episodes should be included on Game of Thrones Emmy DVD?

2014 Primetime Emmys Nominating Ballots have already arrived. It shockingly omits some past champions and nominees, who could easily make this year's top 6. At least, I'd root for Michael J. Fox for The Good Wife as a guest performer, whose performance was not any less good as last year or before that. Another star from this show not competing this year is Stockard Channing - mother of Juliana Margulies in show. Her constant drunk and very entertaining character could pull of a place in ballot. 
Game of Thrones made number of submissions for performers, in particular:

Supporting actor in Drama series:

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau | Charles Dance Peter Dinklage | Kit Harington
Supporting actress in Drama series:

Emilia Clarke Natalie Dormer | Lena Heady | Sophie Turner | Maisie Williams
Guest actor in a Drama series:

Pedro Pascal

Guest actress in a Drama Series:

Diana Rigg
The show will also compete in writing category for upcoming episode The Children and in directing for The Laws of Gods and Men, The Watchers on the Wall and The Children.

Except guest performers, for each acting category and Best Drama Series HBO and producers have to submit separate episodes. So, here are my suggestions for each:

Performers: one submission per performer

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Two Swords Jamie deals with tragedy from previous season and returns home, where he expects some affection from Cersei, who seems to be a little cold. In this episode, his character goes through a lot that can be a good source material for awards season.
Charles Dance - Two Swords Tywin takes more power on iron throne. 
Peter Dinklage - The Laws of Gods and Men Tyrion is on trial and he gives the best speech on television. Everyone who watched this episode, was thrilled with Peter's performance. Can easily work on voters.
Kit Harington - The Watchers on the Wall Snow leads the watchers during first attack of wilders. Two years ago similar episode Blackwater brought a nomination to Peter Dinklage. It seems, Emmy voters like epic battles a lot.
Emilia Clarke - The Children Scene of Daenerys locking her dragons in the darkness has been her most powerful moment in this season. Because of vast of emotions, it can easily boost her chances for another nomination.
Natalie Dormer Breaker of Chains Margaery is confused after death of king, because she does not know if she's queen or not. That's why she tries to get closer to younger brother of Joffrey and probably the future king.  
Lena Heady - Breaker of Chains Cersei is raped by her brother Jamie. The same time, she is in sorrow after the murder of older son. Sense of victim can help Lena to get a nomination.
Sophie Turner - The Mountain and the Viper Sansa is changing in this episode a lot from victim, dumb girl to the one who fight and plays well. 
Maisie WilliamsTwo Swords Aria kills for the first time in this episode and this is something she's never done before. 
Pedro Pascal - Guest performers do not submit episodes
Diana RiggGuest performers do not submit episodes

Drama Series: six submissions
The Laws of Gods and Men | The Children | The Lion and the Rose | The Watchers on the Wall | Two Swords| The Mountain and the Viper

The Laws of Gods and Men is definitely the best episode of season 4 so far (so far, have not seen The Children yet) and probably, one of the bests through 4 years. The trial is well directed, brilliantly acted and superbly crafted, sharing screentime on many different stories, however still focuses your attention on major events.

The Children promises a lot. Since HBO nominated it for directing, it seems to be good.

The Lion and the Rose gets many technical submissions and public attention for Joffrey's death. It's a good candidate for DVD submissions.

The Watchers on the Wall was not liked by book readers, however, it still remains epic battle episode. Blackwater two years ago contributed a lot for its nomination in Drama Series. The same time, this episode solely concentrates on the wall and first time watchers will not get confused by many different story lines. It is also submitted for directing.

Two Swords is a season opening episode, so it kind of starts storytelling. I think it will be wise to submit this episode for drama series. 

The Mountain and the Viper one of the most violent episode in the show. It can eclipse other violent contenders in this category.

Update after season finale:

After viewing all episodes, I root for Neil Marshall [The Watchers on the Wall] get and probably win directing nomination.

The Children is also lead in Drama Writing category, because it had some important plot twists and good dialogues. 


  1. I think Nikolaj, Charles and Peter will submit The Children, can't wait to see how they scenes turn out

  2. possibly you are right. all your excitement makes me want to watch it so much.

  3. They are likely going to get good adaptation too since the showrunners love them.

  4. We'll see. Let's hope The Children is show's best episode