Who Would You Cast in HBO's `American Gods`?

HBO continues to amaze its viewers with more brilliant sci-fis. After smashing success of Game of Thrones, it plans 6 seasons of Neil Gaiman's award winning fantasy book American Gods. The book, which I've never read, promises a lot with very interesting and original idea of combining all mythological gods and new ones. Here you can see Odin, Anubis, Loki and modern deities of internet, celebrities, television, etc. You think that the last ones have no chance with olds? Brace yourself, gods in this book (and show) gain power according to how strongly people believe in them, so God of Google can be more tough then Jesus, Odin, Zeus altogether. 

The good thing about American Gods is that every supernatural creature is real in it, just like dragons in Game of Thrones and personally, I think that it's going to be better then any series, including Supernatural. Unfortunately, HBO is not sure about airing date (it was announced as 2013, however), since Gaiman is still processing the pilot script. Accordingly, producers have not announced the cast, which gives me a time to wonder who I'd love to see as gods.

Lets start (list of gods are taken from book, which means they might not be in show):


Odin (name in book - Mr. Wednesday) - the old Norse god of knowledge and wisdom. The first choice I came up with is Anthony Hopkins, who already played the same role in Thor. For me, he always was an actor who I imagined playing kings, gods, some big people. And I think, if casting director chooses him for this role, s/he won't make a mistake. Another option can be Sean Bean who I believe is going to be awesome in this role (I hope Odin does not die soon).

But if the writers decide that Odin was a young deity, I'd choose Chris Hemsworth (I'm not obsesses with Thor). Since book does not include Thor as a god, Hemsworth can play "his father" that will result in extremely sexy, godish main character of the show.

Let's just get rid of those blue eyes
Anubis (Mr. Jaquel) - Egyptian god of dead and mummification. For no reason, I feel that Kevin Bacon fits this role perfectly. Anubis is strong god, charismatic and very adroit. He permanently strives for power and strength. It seems Kevin is perfect match. It's him and done, I have no plan B, or "in any case" candidates for this role.

Loki (Low-Key Lyesmith) - a god we know and love from Thor (or we just love Tom) and god that must not be played by someone else but Hiddleston, who now is totally associated with his character.

Ēostre (Easter) - the Germanic goddess of the dawn. I though a lot who I'd love to see in this show and finally decided that Liv Tyler is a good choice. She was amazing in LOTR as Arwen and something tells me casting her in American Gods is a brilliant idea. She might not be a great actress, but we don't need much talent here. Anyone can do this job, so why not her?!

CzernobogThe Slavic god of darkness. According to mythology he's a very powerful twin brother to Bielebog, the god of light. Jason Momoa is the first option popping out in my mind. He played almost god in Game of Thrones - at least he was like a god & superhuman to his people. The same time, he exactly has an appearance of someone really evil and strong.


There is a fun part of new gods, who seem very stupid but it still can work quite successfully.

The Technical BoyNew god of computers and the Internet aka Jesus Christ, Zeus and Allah of American Gods. He is adamant about the prevail of the new gods over the old gods. It's like a nerd god, with eyeglasses and stuff. I loved Zachary Quinto as Syler in Heroes, in Margin Call he's exactly this nerdy and geeky guy. If we combine these two characters we get a new god: nerd and powerful.

Media New goddess of television. presumably one of the strongest of gods in this book, since many many people believe in power of media. Olivia Wilde is was great in TRON: Legacy, she seems very promising in upcoming Rush. So, I'd happily cast her for modern goddess - she's got charm for it, she can act and be very much enjoyable.

Those are the most important characters of novel, however according to HBO's comments, show will add some new ones to make plot more contemporary and interesting. I hope, they'll be able to make American Gods as good as Game of Thrones or any of its outstanding programs.

Do you love the idea of making this kind of show? Who Would You Cast instead of this actors?


  1. Michael FreedmanMar 10, 2015, 8:53:00 PM

    Jesse Eseinberg as Technical boy. He was great in the Social Network.

  2. Good choice, Michael. He definitely was