Top 10 Films of Last Decade [2000-2009]

After drafting Top 10 Male and Female performances of 2000-2009, it's time for movies. My movie list is mostly based on IMDB rating I give each film after watching it. Having taken a close look at feature films premiered from 2000 to 2009, here is my TEN most favorite ones:
Moulin Rouge! is my favorite musical of all time and the second highest rated (after Les Miserables). Baz Luhrmann has managed to unite a spectacular story, with greatest visuals and beautiful music, amazing cast and heartbreaking finale in one movie masterpiece. 
A very crazy, dark comedy by insane brother Coens. Ethan and Joel are great directors, one of the greatests, each their movie is a lot enjoyable and close to perfection. However, Burn After Reading is the most extraordinary among them with delightful sense of humor, brilliant cast and perfect directing. You can't see such entertaining movie each year.
Das Leben Der Anderen (The Lives of Others) is one of the greatest examples of modern European film making. Telling a story of 80s German playwright and his relationship with wife, while being monitored and spied by  Stasi (Ministry for State Security), it explores the emotions of complicated marriage, sympathy and atrocities of whole regime. 
One of my favorite animated feature films. It's perfect movie, having everything a children film is supposed to have: laughs, awesome visuals, entertaining plot, happy ending.
Yeah, another animation and another film from 2001. Monsters, Inc. is a great example of fantastic animation characters, a really entertaining plot and beautiful music.
I can't make any good list without WALL·E - a phenomenal animation about waste collecting robot in distant future. This is a peak of Pixar production, because they managed to give a robot very true, natural and human emotions by perfect sound effects.
Little Miss Sunshine is my most favorite family comedy of all time. I remember my first watch just the year it got Oscar nominations. I could hardly breath. It is amazingly written, acted and directed movie. Genuinely phenomenal comedy.
The finale of phenomenal trilogy is my favorite. Each LOTR is great, almost perfect, but the last one just brings everything awesome about this story, with epic battle scenes and plot twists.
I could imagine your face reading this one. It probably looks like Jack Nicolson's face when he opened the ballot and read "CRASH" out. Despite everything, I think it was 2004 best picture definitely, and one of the bests lately, because of its true dramatic emotions, brilliantly assembled script, great cast and directing. Crash is a outstanding achievement in drama making.
One of my favorite films of all time, Gladiator is my top 2000-2009 movie. I've seen this film dozens of times and I will keep watching it until I hate movie (which never happens).


  1. I LOVE your list!! Man, we should be movie buddies Nika! :D Moulin Rouge, Wall•E, Gladiator, those are my favorite films. Still need to see The Lives of Others as I've been hearing so many great things about it.

  2. Thanks Ruth. We're movie buddies from now on, haha :)
    The Lives of Others is an extraordinary work, I totally recommend it.

  3. Awesome! I discovered you on the Debuts Blogathon, so thanks to Chris & Mark. You're always welcome on FlixChatter so hope to see you there sometime :D

  4. I am definitely reading your blog.

  5. Awesome list! (Though quite controversial if I may say so). I love your choices of Moulin Rouge!, The Lives of Others, WALL-E, Return of the King, Crash, and Gladiator :) I say it's controversial because of the hate towards crash, and the inclusion of three animated films (one of which is not Spirited Away).

  6. Thank you Ben. Yes it seems quite controversial, mostly because of Crash & Burn After Reading, which are one of my most favorite movies of all time.

    I have to make a list "people hate I love movies" to include some other works too,, haha :))

    I am not a big fan of Anime, but Spirited Away is the best of those I've seen. I still keep watching these three animations and they make me feel happy every single time! That's why I included them in my top ten list

  7. "Moulin Rouge, Gladiator, those are my favorite films."

    I'm guessing you're a big Nostalgia Critic fan, then, are you?