TV Series: Pilot Episode Reviews Part I

After series finale of Dexter I started to search for some new shows, that could entertain me a little and make me forget that my all time favorite series has ended. So, here are some interesting shows I found. I've not seen most of them, since their premieres are ahead yet, but trailers and plot look quite promising, so you might wanna check them out.

The Blacklist | premiered on Sept 23

NBC brings a new original series The Blacklist. FBI most wanted criminal Raymond 'Red' Reddington (James Spader) surprisingly decides to surrender and visits its field office by himself. He has been in top list for years, but no one could ever find him. Being immediately imprisoned, he asks for the only person he's willing to talk to - agent Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone). And then Red suggests cooperation to catch the most important terrorists and criminals, they even have no idea they exist.

No one was going to compromise, but they had to since US General's daughter was under danger. Surprisingly, they catch criminal by exactly following Reddington's orders. However this was not the only name on Raymond's list - The Blacklist contains dozens of other threats. Which means, Red becomes new best friend of FBI.

The pilot was great, it was tense, interesting and opened too many questions for discussions. It is important, since pilot should make you watch each next episode. The last minutes of episode 1 gives a reason to really doubt that Reddington is not helping FBI for security reasons, he might be preparing something really big for them. In this episode, he took a chemical weapon from first terrorist and what if this is the brightest way to collect most important weapons for your own attack? I hope I'll answer this questions later. The acting panel is good. James Spader is just outstanding, a very descent role and acting. He's character is an interesting material for awards seasons. Megan Boone also does a great job as an young agent and rest of cast is just OK, not especially brilliant but they work well.

So, The Blacklist is definitely worth watching.
Pilot rating: 10/10
Series rating: 9/10

Sleepy Hollow | premiered on Sept 16

The show Sleepy Hollow is filmed on the motives of the movie the same title, yes, that one with Johnny Depp. But it is more modern version of the story. However, still very intimidating.

Series start with flashback to the times of George Washington. It's a war scene, where a soldier - Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) - kills something that pretty much looks like human, but it's not exactly what we see. However, he also dies himself. And suddenly, Ichabod wakes up on the same place, many decades later. Unfortunately, he is not the only one who came from past, his victim, who actually is THE DEATH, also returns for vengeance and consolidation of four horsemen.

Obviously, Crane is considered to be mad and sent to mental hospital. But there is Lt. Abbie Mills who herself saw THE DEATH and almost fully believes in Ichabod's stories, for that reason she decides to help.

This is another great example of successful pilot, which starts telling the story and gives some important twists. Horror is a great genre, especially for TV Series. Leaving alone American Horror Story, there are no really amazing shows in this genre and Sleepy Hollow has a chance to become one.

Another recommended show to watch.
Pilot rating: 10/10
Series rating: 8/10

Masters of Sex |

Masters of Sex is Showtimes's new TV series about the scientist who actually made a sexual revolution to happen in United States. Being based on true events and true people, show tells most revolutionary story of recent history

Dr. Williams Masters (Michael Sheen) is a research scientist - a very curious one who tries to explore human sexuality. For this reason he is observing people while they have sex. And he starts to discover things he never though about, and not only he. For instance that most of women just fake orgasm, the screams and shouts during acts are mostly for partners' more pleasure. Despite great importance, his experiments are not welcomed much, however he Masters still finds courage to fight for ideas with his co-workers. He confronts with everybody, including his previous believes, wife and friends.

The idea of show is quite original, since it gives a look at very interesting era of American life. I found the pilot episode very well written, with quite smart dialogues. The acting is great, especially Michael Sheen, who plays very challenging and strange character. Masters is quite complex person, with lots of layers and I guess this makes Sheen's work impressive. He studies sex, but is not any good at it, having significant problems with spouse.

Also, Lizzy Caplan looks impressive as an assistant scientist to Dr. Williams. Generally, I think this show has massive cast, who do act quite good, but there is something that did not work in the first episode. I found it a little long and somehow boring. The problem is that, story does not go quickly at all. Despite writing being acceptably good, this all good things don't work well. The same time, I think critics can love the show, since it's done with great taste. It was a weak episode, as a pilot, because it somehow does not make you really want to watch the next one.

I make a recommendation to have a look at this original idea. It might capture your attention.
Pilot rating: 7/10
Series rating: 7/10

Coming soon: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. | The Tomorrow People | The Originals

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