TV Series: Dexter 08x11 - Monkey in a Box

I did not see that coming

Episode 10 - Goodbye Miami was a bit disappointment having no twists or any suggestions how the show will end. It did not bring much new, except Vogel's death, which was pretty predictable for me. Monkey in a Box starts the same way actually, as a look at quiet life of Dexter, however in the end things start to change.

Dexter and Hannah are making final arrangements to leave the town, but there are a lot complicating issues including Deputy Marshall, Vogel's death and Morgan's attempt to kill Oliver Saxon. After Hannah visited the hospital the FBI has renewed search for her and they are getting closer and closer.

Saxon tries to negotiate with Dex to stay  apart and leave everything as it was. But being threatened does not work much for Serial Killer, so he makes some plans up to deal with a guy who killed Evelyn. However Morgan is trapped, he is not willing to kill Oliver by himself (WTF) and for this reason he sets him up so that Miami Metro could trace him. This is the first time he did what Debra wanted him to do and I am pretty sure they both are going to regret this.

This was better episode for making everything very complicated and I hope that they are able to sort this out in just one episode. Without giving a spoiler, lots of things happen in final ten minutes that could come up to any kind of end.
I don't enjoy much that the finale is so vague, but I have big hopes for the people who did amazing 4th, 6th and 7th seasons. I don't think they will mess it up.

Monkey in a Box somehow tries to tell that Dexter is changed and the little human part of him has grown bigger and stronger. As a fan of greatest serial killer this is not what I expected and wanted, however things happening in the end somehow gives a hope for mass murderer to come back.

Wherever the end goes, I hope it is not happy, because the last thing I want to see is Dexter and Hannah happily walking out of the all shit they've been in for years.

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