TV Series: Dexter 08x12 - Remember the Monsters? [Series Finale]

The Night has come, the night of all nights

After brilliant 8 years, we farewell the most original and bloody series of all time. Dexter has ended in the most controversial way a show could end. I am pretty sure it will take a lot talks and discussions among fans, whether it was good or bad. But definitely, it could be better.

Remember the Monsters? is not alike any of other episodes. It's mostly about Dexter and Debra, because Dexter is blaming himself for everything he has done to sister and for that reason, he tries to make everything better again. We see a lot flashbacks to the time when Morgan became a father, his relationship with Deb and all sweat memories connecting those two.

I liked the ending (though I've imagined it quite differently) because it's happy and sad the same time. It still arises some questions and most importantly, whether Dexter was a real monster or he was just a victim of Dr. Vogel?! The same time, he really regrets not killing Olver Saxon.

I've thought a lot how would I like the show to end, do I want Dexter dead? Or maybe somebody else? Or do I want him to stay a serial killer? It is hard to say. I've been always sure that people like him do not exist - mass murderers with ethic codes, families and normal life. So, the whole show was about exploring who Dexter Morgan really was and I think last episode answers this question clearly.
Jennifer Carpenter gives another amazing performance and I believe she is one of the best parts of last season, alongside to Charlotte Rampling

I know most of fans are disappointed but I am not. Ending a show with a cliffhanger is not good, if we don't want the show to last forever. The END shall be logical, putting a full stop point to the plot, there must not be any WHAT HAPPENS NEXT and Remember the Monster? brings all this on the screen.

But on the other hand, I don't know what to do, I've personally spent four full years with Dexter and now I have no idea which show to wait until next year (There are some, none like Dexter). Once again, the last season could have been a lot more shocking, but the actual finale did work for me.


  1. I really, REALLY hated it :(

    It made me so angry.

  2. It made me more sad, but not angry. I loved it. How would you love to end the show?

  3. I'd either have:

    1) Dex having to kill somebody extremely close to him to get away and have his happy ending. Since it can't be Deb, I'd have him face off against either Batista, Masuka or Quinn. I would've LOVED one of those three to discover Dex.

    2) Dex dying in the hurricane, washing up on the beach with all of his victim's bodies lying on the beach beside him.

    3) Dex being caught by Miami Metro (this would mean the whole of S8 would be dedicated to somebody tracking him, maybe Matthews or Batista investigating LaGuerta's death?) and getting the lethal injection.

    I feel like Dex got off pretty easily. And nothing was really resolved. The fact that nobody knows he's the Bay Harbor Butcher annoys me. Talk about a lack of tension.

  4. Well, you have a point. But arresting him would be predictable for me. And I think he did not get that easily - he killed the dearest person to him and this happened just because of him. The same time, he abandoned another dearest woman in his life and his only son. This can't be easy, can it?

    However, there still could be a little better ending, more dramatic or something. But I guess this was the best option after not so tense 8th season.