Top 10 Movies Where Bad Guy Wins

Most of movies are about endless battle between good guys and bad guys. If good guys win, we call it "Hollywood Happy End", but some films are more realistic and follow the idea that villains win too, as usual. But some movies really surprised me the way they ended. Here are my Top Ten Movies, where Bad Guys Win, eventually.

P.S. Spoiler alert.
The Wicker Man is surprisingly good movie, in any sense. Left alone the plot & cast, the last scene is definitely worth being rewatched and remembered. Killing Edward Mallus when he is trying to find "lost" daughter, was a jaw-dropping twist for me. However this is a good thing, because movie ends exactly as it's supposed to.
How it ends: Character of Nicolas Cage is killed by women settled on the island. It turns out that his daughter has never been missing and this whole story was a trap to bring a sacrifice to their gods.
In this case, it’s the suburban couple Oliver and Cheryl Lang.  Their neighbor, Michael Faraday, believes that the Langs are maniacal terrorists.
How it ends: Well, the Langs are terrorists, and after planting a bomb in the trunk of Faraday’s care that kills almost 200 people, they get away, having framed Faraday for the explosion

Story of killer Anton Chigurh, adapted by Coen brothers. Anton is typical bad guy, doing bad things including killing people along his way. Well, it does not actually have a twisty or surprising end, however because Chigurh wins and generally the film is amazing, it goes on 8th place.
Rosemary's Baby  is a great film showing mental terror and fear, that came after main character Rosemary when she got pregnant. She has the feeling that devil is trying to get her first child so she's doing her best to keep unborn child alive. As it turns out, Rosemary is not crazy and she definitely is chased by dark powers through their neighbors Castevets. 
How It Ends: Since she is not willing to lose a child, and there are no more options, she joins the sect of Castevets.
Ocean's Eleven is the first installment of Steven Soderbergh's Ocean stories, probably the best one. This is simply amazing, entertaining, tense, sometimes funny crime movie where Danny Ocean and his 10 friends hunt for money of big people.
How It Ends: Well, they win big and not only over the man they robbed, but over the viewers. We all lose the game and this is great.
Aaron is accused of murder of priest. But this guy has a problem - a double personality and another of him Roy is causing murders. 
How It Ends: In fact, Roy does not exist. Aaron has no double identity problem, he's just playing to escape the punishment.
Story of inmates of mental institution, where a newly admitted patient rebels others to take on the oppressive head nurse. Obviously, the bad guy here is Nurse Ratched.
How It Ends: She wins a good guy, McMurphy. How do we know it? The last scene (pictured above) tells all this. R.P dies by the hands of friend.
John Doe is a serial killer who murders people according to seven deadly sins. He's being chased and caught before finishing the work. However, he still wins.
How It Ends: He still makes it. We understand that he is the winner when detectives receive a box - the last sin and the last victim.
The best movie about Hannibal Lecter and one of the greatest films of all time. It's clear that Hannibal (Antony Hopkins) is the bad guy and he just wins because he easily manipulates agent Clarice Starling and any person on his road. 
There is no person who can think of better twisty ending and bad guy win movie. This is the greatest one. Whole film is about to understand who is Keyser Söze. We follow a lot different stories and then we get lost, but the end amazes us, because we never thought Verbal Kint could be a criminal everybody is afraid of. The last 3 minutes of The Usual Suspects bring a brilliant example of perfect movie ending, which always makes me say big WOW.

What do you think? Is there any movies you'd add this list?

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