Musings on `American Horror Story: Coven` Premiere

Witches of Coven
Finally, very much anticipated third season of American Horror Story has arrived with a story of witches who are trying to survive in a modern world, after being persecuted in past centuries. I shall not start proving how phenomenal this series is, actually the only show which totally terrifies and astonishes me with superb story, masterful acting and brilliant directing.

From now on, the horrors happen in a Coven aka Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies - a mysterious school in New Orleans for witches. Episode Bitchcraft opens with flashback to quite distant past and introduces Madame Delphine LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) - a slave owner, who inhumanly tortures them to keep herself forever young. She's later killed by a Voodoo - a girlfriend to one of her victims. 

Back in modern times, a young girl Zoe Benson (Taissa Farmiga) unexpectedly finds out that she's a witch, just like her grandma and her mother, who's no idea how to treat a witch-daughter sends her to Coven and here starts a story of four young witches, including Zoe herself, in the subordination to Cordelia Foxx (Sarah Paulson) and Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange) - one of the bests of her generation. 
Fiona who also is obsessed with an idea of staying forever young, decides to bring Madame LaLaurie back to life. Consequently, old witches and new witches all start to unite and fight together against common enemies. 

Coven has a lot returning actors this year, including Lange, Paulson, FarmigaFrances Conroy, Evan PetersLily RabeJamie Brewer and so on. All of them are outstanding, especially Jessica, who gives even more terrifying performance then during last two season. Also, I believe that Taissa is a great actress, she's been doing awesome job in House of Murder. Now she's the main character of 3rd season and start seems a lot promising. Notable performances include Frances Conroy, who I've been liking since Six Feet Under, and Sarah, who I believe gets third successful award season.

But, Katy Bates is the actor who steals whole show, she just blew my mind with quite short performance in Bitchcraft but this lady nailed those couple of minute scenes. Bates wins over Lange, Paulson and every female cast member altogether in American Horror Story, so we maybe are welcoming future Golden Globe and Emmy winner.
Writing & Directing part of show is equally brilliant. I have to say, this was a perfect start, leaving a lot questions open for the future discussions and discoveries. If it goes right, AHS can have the best of its seasons and Ryan Murphy can once again overcome himself.

P.S. What I really hated about this seasons is absence of Zachary Quinto, who's just missing this huge & brilliant cast. :(



  1. Great post! I think Angela Bassett may actually be the show's biggest asset this season - it looks like she is going to have a number of amazing moments, but I have no doubt Bates will be nominated for Emmy she is already incredible!

  2. Thanks Sati! I agree, she just seems to be amazing. And actually, this is cast is mind blowing, definitely best of three seasons.