Top 10 Male Performances of Last Decade

Here is another list of my Top Tens: Top 10 Male Performances of Last Decade (2000-2009). The list includes actors who did an outstanding acting job, created or portrayed memorable characters and generally had the best years of their careers. 

Just Missing:
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman - "Capote" [2005]
  • Daniel Day-Lewis - "There Will Be Blood" [2007]
  • Clive Owen - "Closer" [2004]
  • Jake Gyllenhaal - "Brokeback Mountain" [2005] 
  • Mark Wahlberg- "The Departed" [2006]

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  1. I'd also have your choices of Colin Firth, Christoph Waltz, and Russell Crowe in my Top 10 :) Great list!

  2. Thanks man, good to hear that. All of them are definitely outstanding :)