TV Series: Dexter 08x10: Goodbye Miami

We had a long (two weeks) break from Dexter. It's been a while. Make Your Own Kind of music exposed totally different direction of the show, since it brought brain surgeon back, who turned out to be Dr. Vogel's senior son. Having regrets because of her acts, Evelyn does not want Dexter to kill Oliver Saxon.

If you saw preview of this episode, you might know that Dex is leaving Miami with Harrison and Hannah. But before that, he tries to kill Saxon to make Dr. safe.  The same time, he secretly talks to Debra about his future plans in Argentina and farewells with Homicide Department.

Goodbye Miami gives a great hope that our favorite serial killer is back to his real work - killing other killers and he will never be distracted by random things like love, life, care and women. The whole season seemed to be very calm compared to previous 7. It is understandable that things change in order to bring the show to the end, but we don't want to see Dexter turning into another happy ending sad drama.

For the first time, this episode made me think that maybe the writers want to turn Dexter into a person who rids of his bad habits, who becomes alike others (otherwise becomes abnormal). I do really hope it does not happen, it will disappoint a lot.

Oliver Saxon refreshes this episode a lot. He is a smart serial killer, probably one of most dangerous ones Morgan has ever faced. But he still does not bring much new on the table. I am sure that Dexter is going to chase him until the very end of the show and I can not wait to see how it culminates.

Hannah is still popular with copes. US Marshal keeps looking for her closer. It seems that he has got doubts about Dexter, especially when he's escaping from Miami. He even questions Deb, but hopefully does not get much news. As for the Debra herself, she seems to be struggling with something inside. She is a step before gets back to Miami Metro and her conscience does not let to wear be a cop hiding two serial killers in her house. She tries to talk to Quinn about something but it does not work. I have a minor doubt that Deb is trying to give a little clue to someone about what's going on with her life.
I still think that Jennifer Carpenter has one of the her best seasons in every sense. She is in the center, her character is way too dramatic & stuck between two worlds, she sometimes has breakdowns. I think she is back as a major award contender.

Goodbye Miami could be a good episode if it aired somewhere in the middle of whole show, however, as the 10th episode of show finale?! No, it does not work much. It has some tricky hints in the end, that I hope writers will open up, but how long do we have to wait? I believed they'd give some tasty piece of Dexter this episode.

They did not!

Quote of the episode: "Everyone gets caught eventually, Dexter" - Hannah

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