Movie Review: The English Teacher [2013]

Julianne Moore always makes me watch her films. For no reason I love her. However, enjoyment of seeing her on the screen did not overcome my dissatisfaction with the movie itself. 

The English Teacher is a story of Linda Sinclair (Moore) - a passionate teacher of English literature. She's obsessed with it and only with it, that's why Linda is single, in all terms she can be single. Movie begins win exploring her character -  a lonely, middle age lady, who is definitely living in her own universe surrounded by... no one. Realizing this, she tries to meet someone, her type of men. A five minute scene in restaurant shows that she's not even capable of finding suitable men, mostly because there is no man who is romantic, gentleman, nice-to-talk guy the same time and etc. 

One day, Ms Sinclair meets her ex-student Jason Sherwood - a failed, depressed play writer who easily falls under parental influence. Linda reads one of his latest plays and decides that it's the best thing she's read lately. She reunites with Carl - a drama teacher - to bring this novel on the stage. The rest of story is not important, but what is really important is how cheaply she "falls in love" with Jason - they just fuck, at school.

And all this romance, Linda ever imagined, planned or wanted to experience, just ruined on the class table during rehearsals. Later she discovers that all that matters is sex (arguably, but yes). Then story evolves as always, she thinks that loves a boy, the guy does not, he just wants every single girl at school, except his ex-teacher. Finally, they fall apart.
Greg Kinnear and Julianne Moore
But this story could be at least hilarious. This is supposed to be a comedy. I tried to find something funny but did not succeed much: no funny jokes, no funny performances, just drama - a big lame drama. But I got a little enjoyment with Julianne's performance, with is far from being good but still, it made me not to walk out the movie. The rest of cast is about average. Despite the big names like Greg Kinnear, Nathan Lane and new actress Lily Collins, you are not going to see something special. 

Giving the English Teacher 4 out of 10, I don't recommend to watch this. Especially if you have to spend some money on it.


  1. Good Review however I liked it a bit more than you did. It is not a life changing experience but it is still a harmless little comedy/drama.

  2. Thanks Erik and good that you liked it. My emotions is mostly because I'm not a comedy type guy. I only love super hilarious comedies :))