Academy Changes Oscar Rules for 2014

Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Science (AMPAS) has announced changes in rules regarding Animated Feature, Foreign Language films and Documentary short.
Toy Story 3 - Best Animated Feature of 2010
According to new rules, maximum two persons will get an award for Best Animated Feature film, one of whom must have a producer credits. However, despite "maximum of two" Oscar recipients, "the director and/or key creative individual shall continue to be a recipient, and in the circumstance of a two-person team with shared and equal director credit, a third statuette may be awarded".

As for Foreign Language film and Documentary short:

From 2014 and onward, Academy voters will be able to watch the nominated films either at a theatrical screening or on DVD. That means for the first time the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ entire voting membership will automatically be eligible to choose the winners in all 24 Oscar categories. As you might know, before this rule was released Documentaries was voted only by those members, who have specifically seen all the nominees and accordingly not everybody was legible for voting. For this year and onward, Academy will provide DVDs of the nominated films in five categories: Best Foreign Language Film, Best Documentary Feature, Best Documentary Short Subject, Best Animated Short Film, and Best Live Action Short Film.

Follow the link to see the original text of press release.

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  1. That's very good news for the Foreign Language and Best Doc awards, which are always two of my favorite categories. Now, if they could amend some of the eligibility complexity for those two awards...