Jul 1, 2013

TV Series: Dexter 08x01 - A Beautiful Day

Tonight's the night, night of all nights

Finally, the end has begun. Today first episode of Dexter's final 8th season has premiered. And I should say, I did not expect such an amazing start.

A Beautiful Day takes us 6 months ahead, after LaGuerta's death. Dexter seems to live the same life, he used to. Actually better. He's become better father, spending a lot time with Harrison, playing football with him and taking son to a beach. But Debra is gone. She is no longer part of his, or anybody's life. She's moved to another police department and leads a case on drug sales. However, she desperately runs from her brother, thinking that she shot wrong person that night.

Dexter deals with everyday quite successfully. He investigates a very interesting case of serial killer, which amuses him a lot. But then there comes a destruction, someone who might know his secret?

This episode gives a fresh look to Morgan's character - how he blames himself for what happened to Debra and feels responsibility to take care of sister. Dead father Harry, who always kept giving stupid advises, after death at least, pushes him to let Debra go. And he does not, of course.
Here is another problem our favorite serial killer faces - he can't control emotions anymore. And this is huge problem, which can lead him to huge mistakes.

I enjoyed this episode pretty much for number of reasons. First, I've missed all these very much and it has refreshed my memories of the past 7 seasons. Second, it puts Dexter into multiple troubles, which seems engaging and very intrigue. Third, character of Dexter Morgan becomes more complex. I am sure he will have to make a lot of moral decisions in the final season, if he wants to survive. Fourth, Harrison comes back to fathers life, finally. I think he will be one of the major troubles in Dex's life and it's not gonna be easy. Here is my guess (and this is NOT a spoiler): Harrison can be just like his father. Will Dexter cope with that?

Finally, this is the best season premiere so far. Hope you enjoyed it.

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