Apr 27, 2013

Movie Review: Side Effects [2013]

One Pill Can Change Your Life - IMDB 
One Pill Can Change Everybody's Lives

For me, Steven Soderbergh's movie means much. Erin Brockovich, Traffic, Ocean's 11-12-13 are some of his brilliant works. And I truly believe Side Effects is one of them with extraordinary story, a great cast and pure directing.

Emily Taylor (played by Rooney Mara) is young, a 28-year-old girl married to sexy but imprisoned Martin (played by Channing Tatum). It's been four years she waiting for husband's release and when finally he comes out, something changes - Emily gets depressed. Their relationship is just ruining day by day, the more time they spend together, the worse she feels - even her suicide attempts fail. Then she starts visiting Dr. Banks (played by Jude Law) whose decides that Mrs Taylor needs emergency psychiatric treatment. There is a moment when everybody thinks that nothing can go more wrong, but obviously they do not know the Side Effects of medicine, Emily receives daily.
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Movie Review: Star Trek [2009]

Before Star Trek Into Darkness comes out in my country, I decided to watch previous part of J. J. Abram's blockbuster - Star Trek. And because Zachary Quinto keeps twitting about it's worldwide premieres. 

It's a year of 2233 when people live with aliens peacefully, they travel from one planet to another, conduct diplomatic relations and train joint armies. The United Federation of Planets (aka The Federation) is an interplanetary, liberal democratic federal republic, uniting more than 150 planets and thousands of colonies. The Federation starship USS Kelvin is attacked by Romulan ship Narada. Captain George Kirk saves almost everyone on board, but he dies with the ship. The same minute his son - James T. Kirk (played by  Chris Pine) is born.

On Vulcan planet there is another boy - a genius mixture of human and Vulcan - Spock (played by Zachary Quinto) - a son of Vulcan ambassador to the Earth. He is different from others who inhabit his planet. They all control their emotions. Actually, they do not have any of them and only logic drives their actions. However, Spock is half human and he of course has emotions, which is not easy to hide.

Kirk and Spock meet each other on another starship USS Enterprise which aims to seize the attack of Narada once again.
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Apr 22, 2013

Movie Review: Dark Skies [2013]

Dark Skies is a mix of sci-fi and horror, two genres I appreciate a lot. But it is not actually any of them. Movie follows a life of Barret’s family who is facing an invasion of aliens. Everything starts as usual – electricity and security system are put out of operation, youngest child (Sam) starts walking at nights, he talks with “them” and paints a lot strange stuff. Lacy & Daniel (parents) decide that Sam is not OK and he needs an assistance of psychologist. However, in a very short period, they themselves are convinced that “someone” is really visiting their house at nights.

Then everybody else thinks that they all went crazy, police does not take seriously their security alarms and accordingly, only means to survive is self-deference. One day, Lacy finds a guy, who claims to know much about those invasion things and they make an arrangement. He tells a story of other invaded families, their faith and how they survived, or did not survive. Barrets decide to do everything in their power to protect family.

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Apr 19, 2013

TV Series for the Next Week

There is one good thing about TV Shows, they don't end in around two hours, they may last for weeks, or months.

The Class [2006-2007]
StarringJesse Tyler FergusonAndrea AndersLizzy Caplan and others.

Ethan decides to reunite his elementary school classmates after many years, because he's getting married to one of them. But it appears they do not remember each other, so the pre-marriage party turns out to be total crap - mostly because a girlfriend breakups with Ethan that night. However the good thing is that they restart their friendship which leads to a lot hilarious adventures and moments.

This is a great sitcom, very live, natural and funny. Cast is great, they portrait interesting characters and they're doing their jobs outstandingly. My special applause to Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who turns out to be my favorite TV actor. All in all, they make each episode unforgettable 21 minutes and I've had a daily dose of these 21 minutes last week.

The show has only 17 episodes, because it was cancelled after 1st season (not cool), but you can watch them even on YouTube and trust me, you it's gonna be one of the funniest comedy shows ever.


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Movie Review: Oz the Great and Powerful [2013]

You don't know much about witches, do you? 
    What you might not know:
    1. Witches can be hot and sexy
    2. Bad witch can live in a colorful, golden palace
    3. Flying monkeys are not real
    4. Porcelain talking girls are not real either
    5. OZ is a beautiful tale
I've never been excited during opening credits before. OZ made me to, because of brilliant 3D. Usage of rapidly changing backgrounds aggravated amazing effects of 3D. It did not get even a little worse during the rest  part of movie & this is good! Movie starts with a story of average magician from Kansas in early XX. He's name is OZ and he wants to be a great man, but shows some cheap tricks to get everyday pocket money. He's not a real wizard and does not believe in any fairy tale stupidity.  

OZ the Great and Powerful follows Oz's adventure in enchanted land, with witches, flying monkey's and incredible sightseeing. He meets three witches Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz) & Glinda (Michele Williams) and there is a task, he has to find out Which Witch is Which (aka which of them is evil).
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