TV Series for the Next Week

There is one good thing about TV Shows, they don't end in around two hours, they may last for weeks, or months.

The Class [2006-2007]
StarringJesse Tyler FergusonAndrea AndersLizzy Caplan and others.

Ethan decides to reunite his elementary school classmates after many years, because he's getting married to one of them. But it appears they do not remember each other, so the pre-marriage party turns out to be total crap - mostly because a girlfriend breakups with Ethan that night. However the good thing is that they restart their friendship which leads to a lot hilarious adventures and moments.

This is a great sitcom, very live, natural and funny. Cast is great, they portrait interesting characters and they're doing their jobs outstandingly. My special applause to Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who turns out to be my favorite TV actor. All in all, they make each episode unforgettable 21 minutes and I've had a daily dose of these 21 minutes last week.

The show has only 17 episodes, because it was cancelled after 1st season (not cool), but you can watch them even on YouTube and trust me, you it's gonna be one of the funniest comedy shows ever.


The Lost Room [2006]

Detective Joe Miller investigates a motel room which appears to be a portal to alternate universe. A dying friend gave him a key, that fits any door and transports a person to this magic room. But when detective's daughter disappears in that room, he starts looking for the people who most likely have answers on his questions, regarding the power of the keys. 

The Lost Room has really great story, especially for those who love mystery films. This is something new, very well thought and executed. It's tense, interesting and well played show indeed and it is very short, only 6 episodes, which does not make a viewer bored and feels fresh even when you go to the end.


Hannibal [2013]
StarringMads Mikkelsen (as Hannibal Lecter), Hugh Dancy, Laurence Fishburne and others.

FBI investigates a murder of 8 women, who disappear every Friday and then are found dead. Since they do not have a clue who they are looking for, Agent Jack Crawford involves Will Graham - an FBI criminal profiler - in investigations. But Will has some difficulties with psychics - he tends to empathize to serial killers.   Agent Crawford hires an psychologist - Dr. Hannibal Lecter - and forces Graham to take a therapy. 

I've watched only two episodes yet, but it still seems to be very interesting and mystic. I don't have any idea whether it tells an "original" story of Hannibal Lecter or not, but if everything goes the same way as for today, it can be an awesome show. Mostly because of Mads's and Hugh's brilliant performances and pretty original way of storytelling. 


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