Movie Review: Star Trek [2009]

Before Star Trek Into Darkness comes out in my country, I decided to watch previous part of J. J. Abram's blockbuster - Star Trek. And because Zachary Quinto keeps twitting about it's worldwide premieres. 

It's a year of 2233 when people live with aliens peacefully, they travel from one planet to another, conduct diplomatic relations and train joint armies. The United Federation of Planets (aka The Federation) is an interplanetary, liberal democratic federal republic, uniting more than 150 planets and thousands of colonies. The Federation starship USS Kelvin is attacked by Romulan ship Narada. Captain George Kirk saves almost everyone on board, but he dies with the ship. The same minute his son - James T. Kirk (played by  Chris Pine) is born.

On Vulcan planet there is another boy - a genius mixture of human and Vulcan - Spock (played by Zachary Quinto) - a son of Vulcan ambassador to the Earth. He is different from others who inhabit his planet. They all control their emotions. Actually, they do not have any of them and only logic drives their actions. However, Spock is half human and he of course has emotions, which is not easy to hide.

Kirk and Spock meet each other on another starship USS Enterprise which aims to seize the attack of Narada once again.

Regardless of lots of time travel, confusing transfers from one time to another, meeting the same characters in every age, Star Trek is pretty good movie. It worked for me, mostly because of J. J. Abram's imaginative world, which was so clear and interesting that my pessimistic expectations turned into astonishment. It's all about breathtaking visuals, a really great cast and imaginary story. I'll tell you that this kind of movies are mostly filmed to expose brilliant achievements in technical categories, like special effects, cinematography and etc. But when a director manages to add other creative features to that film (story, actors) it is charming.

Daniel Mindel as a cinematographer did an outstanding work by effectively photographing every single scene of a two-hour movie. Not easy job to make a movie about cosmos, not in a cosmos and still capture everything as real.

Good actors are not common for Sci-Fi films. But I think that Zachary and Chris performed in the best way anyone could do. Kirk is a womanizer, impulsive, kind of irresponsible guy who turns out to be a awesome captain. On the contrary, Spock is genius, always doing his job perfectly, he is not a good captain but he can strongly support a good captain. And they both precisely fit their roles. For me personally, Zach is exact choice for this character. (BTW, he sacrificed a lot to Star Trek, including his eyebrows and hair).

A story itself is interesting. J. J. Abrams knows how to tell you tales. But this time travel things I found a little bit boring, because it is definitely overused. Come on, can't we make a fantasy film without this? Of course yes. Well, maybe the whole `idea` of Star Trek is travelling through the time, but there is always something new, a writer or even director can think of. I'd be much more happier by alternatives.

All in all, it is almost `must see` movie - a good one. What is more important, can't wait for the sequel, since it seems to be better. At least it also includes Benedict Cumberbatch in the cast.


  1. Kicking it back old school and I like it. Yes, 4 years ago is old-school. Life moves on so quickly. Good review

  2. Thanks Dan! I'm gonna go to the theater for the new school Star Trek. It's gonna be amazing

  3. Good review! Even though I have never liked Star Trek this movie is fantastic. I cannot wait to see the new one. :)

  4. Yeah, I actually never thought to watch and like Star Trek but because of sudden obsession with Zachary Quinto's movies, I decided to try this one. It's just awesome.