Movie Review: Oz the Great and Powerful [2013]

You don't know much about witches, do you? 
    What you might not know:
    1. Witches can be hot and sexy
    2. Bad witch can live in a colorful, golden palace
    3. Flying monkeys are not real
    4. Porcelain talking girls are not real either
    5. OZ is a beautiful tale
I've never been excited during opening credits before. OZ made me to, because of brilliant 3D. Usage of rapidly changing backgrounds aggravated amazing effects of 3D. It did not get even a little worse during the rest  part of movie & this is good! Movie starts with a story of average magician from Kansas in early XX. He's name is OZ and he wants to be a great man, but shows some cheap tricks to get everyday pocket money. He's not a real wizard and does not believe in any fairy tale stupidity.  

OZ the Great and Powerful follows Oz's adventure in enchanted land, with witches, flying monkey's and incredible sightseeing. He meets three witches Theodora (Mila Kunis), Evanora (Rachel Weisz) & Glinda (Michele Williams) and there is a task, he has to find out Which Witch is Which (aka which of them is evil).
OZ is an enjoyable movie to watch, for the following three reasons: fantastic art direction, almost perfect 3D and it's just kind of fun. It's even more colorful than Alice in Wonderland, it's somehow less blue version of Avatar. The rest is almost as cheap as a ticket for it in the cinema (well, for me it was way too cheap). Acting is average, except than Rachel Weisz, who make a good bad Witch (oops, I said it). James Franco is too handsome for being a magician and Mila Kunis too sexy to be sitting on the broom. There are some funny moments and jokes, which is good but mostly it is an average kid movie for adults like me and many others. If you want to watch some "special" story of OZ, don't bother. Do not spend your time and money unless you want to see visual beauty.

Accordingly, the best way to tell how amazing this was, here some images of it. OZ is one of the few films, you can review by pictures:


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