Mar 1, 2013

My Favorite Academy Award Shows

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This happens every single year - we are counting days until the Oscars. Maybe mostly because of nominee and winner films, our favorite actors, directors, writers and movies. But once the ceremony is over we always discuss the show itself. Which means that entertaining part is way too important.

Honestly, I clearly remember only last 7 Academy Awards and probably my picks won't be universal, however I still want to list some of my favorites.

79th Annual Academy Awards - February 25.2007

Winner Film: The Departed

Firstly, Ellen was a great host. But the show itself had many many engaging moments, for instance this:

and this (joke for Leo was the best):

Pretty enough to spend a four hours of morning sleep on, huh? Well, yeah! I did, I remember I was late for university classes because the show ran very early morning, by my local time.

82nd Annual Academy Awards - March 7. 2010

Winner Film: The Hurt Locker

Oh, god. Best co-hosts at Oscars! Their opening monologue was hilarious. Besides, almost each presenter made a good jokes and all in all, this was enjoyable.
(Still, The Hurt Locker is one of the worst winners for me)

81st Annual Academy Awards - February 22.2009

There is couple of amazing features I loved in this show. First, Jackman is awesome, his opening song was funny, entertaining, well-performed and just the right type.
Another my favorite part is how they announced the acting category winners. Oscars is all about the honoring the bests of the year and past winners. The idea of previous champs presenting current nominees just gave a chill to me, it sounded more solid and amazing. (See the first minutes of video Kate Winslet winning Oscar)
And finally, decorations, music and winners were superb. I totally enjoyed. Brilliant!

Honorable mention 
to the opening monologue of Whoopi Goldberg at 71st Annual Academy Awards (I've not seen the show, however)

So, which is your all time favorite Oscar show?



At Mar 6, 2013, 7:55:00 PM , Anonymous Alex Withrow said...

Great list here. My favorite has to be the 75th, in which films of 2002 were honored.

Michael Moore's controversial speech, Steve Martin's perfect Michael Moore joke, Adrien Brody's surprise win, Eminem's surprise win, Roman Polanski's surprise win... great, great year for Oscars.

At Mar 7, 2013, 12:23:00 AM , Anonymous Nika said...

Well, I agree about the winners. Adrien's speech was awesome too, however I've never seen the whole show, unfortunately :)


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