House of Cards (Spoiler Free)

House of Cards is Netflix's new TV series, aired on February 1, 2013. The first amazing thing about this show - all thirteen episodes have been distributed the same time, so if you decide to give this a try, you won't have to wait until season finale for months. 

Francis Underwood (Spacey) is Democrat congressman - a House Majority Whip who helped Garret Walker to be elected as a president of United States. In return for it, president promised him to nominate as a candidate of Secretary of a State. However, Senator Michael Kern (Kilner) gets the place and Francis, with great support of his wife Claire (Robin Wright), decides to destroy him.

This is a brilliant show with the most darkest insights of politics. House of Cards clearly delivers the publicly unseen tools how the "great" man deal with their responsibilities. You will not love how Francis copes with his enemies, no one could love it, but still we all will be astonished how smart, prescience and inexorable he is. You will easily see how much shit the politics bring. 

Kevin is outstanding. A man who played Keyser Soze and Lester is better Francis Underwood - an indifferent political machine, who does not give a chance to anybody to control him, even his beloved wife Claire. Congressman Underwood is a man of power, he is able to control everyone in the House, literally and obtains every piece of information about them. Claire is an environmental activist owning her own NGO. She is supposed to be far from politics, but there is no one out of it in this show. She can play, sometimes better than her husband. She is supportive wife, who follows Francis even in the darkest political conspiracies.

The story itself is so much great that you will probably re-watch the whole season once more. One of the few shows that you should listen to very carefully to fully understand it.

Without any spoilers, there are reasons why one should watch House of Cards:
  • If you ever loved the Sopranos or Political Animals, do not hesitate and go for it
  • Love politics? Then you are reading the right post on the right show.
  • Fan of Kevin Spacey? House of Cards is your show
  • And if you got 46 minutes in you daily schedule, get it because there is not better show currently running you could watch.
P.S. Come back and thank me, if you had a glance on House of Cards and you liked it.


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