Top 10 Films of 2012 (And Other of LIONs for the Lamb)

I planned to list my top 10 favorites of 2012 by the end of this month. However, The Large Association of Movie Blogs hosts annual Lions for Lamb award, where all members of the LAMB vote for the bests and worst of past year. 

Here are my votes:

  1. Les Miserables
  2. Argo
  3. Moonrise Kingdom
  4. Cloud Atlas
  5. Silver Linings Playbook
  6. Life of Pi
  7. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  8. Beasts of Southern Wild
  9. The Cabin in the Woods
  10. Zero Dark Thirty
  1. Ben Affleck for `Argo`
  2. Steven Spielberg for `Lincoln`
  3. Ang Lee for `Life of Pi`
  4. Tom Hooper for `Les Miserables`
  5. David O'Russel for `Silver Linings Playbook`
  1. Daniel Day Lewis in `Lincoln`
  2. Hugh Jackman in `Les Miserables`
  3. Denzel Washington in `Flight`
  4. Bradley Cooper in `Silver Linings Playbook`
  5. Joauqin Phoenix in `The Master`
  1. Quvenzhane Wallis in `Beasts of Southern Wild`
  2. Jennifer Lawrence in `Silver Linings Playbook`
  3. Jessica Chastain in `Zero Dark Thirty`
  4. Emanuelle Riva in `Amour`
  5. Marion Cotillard in `Rust and Bone`
  1. Alan Arkin in `Argo`
  2. Philip Saymor Hoffman in `The Master`
  3. Tommy Lee Jones in `Lincoln`
  4. Eddie Redmayne in `Les Miserables`
  5. Leonardo DiCaprio in `Django Unchained`
  1. Anne Hathaway in `Les Miserables`
  2. Jackie Weaver in `Silver Linings Playbook`
  3. Ann Dowd in `Compliance`
  4. Maggie Smith in `The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel`
  5. Helen Hunt in `The Sessions`
  1. Argo
  2. Silver Linings Playbook
  3. Moonrise Kingdom
  4. Looper
  5. Life of Pi
  1. Searching for Sugar Man
  2. Central Park Five
  3. The Invisible War
  4. The Gatekeepers
  5. How to Survive a Plague
  1. The Intouchables (France)
  2. Amour (Austria)
  3. A Royal Affair (Denmark)
  4. No (Chile)
  5. Rust and Bone (France)
  1. ATM
  2. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2
  3. That's My Boy
  4. A Thousand Words
  5. Battleship
If you are The Lamb member and have not voted yet, go ahead.


  1. Nice post. I agree with a lot of your picks.

  2. Thanks buddy. Can't wait to see your pics too, you will post it on your blog, right?

  3. We agreed on 6 of our top 10, which makes you the closest to me of all the lists I've seen so far. For which I say "You've got great taste!"

  4. haha, thank you :) Yeah, we do agree in most of them. And thanks for the follow on Twitter :>

  5. It's great to see Moonrise Kingdom up so high at #3. That was my favorite movie of 2012, and it's been cool to see it on so many lists. It's interesting that your lead acting choices are really close to the Oscars. I can't argue with the ones that I've seen, though, so it's good with me. I haven't seen Les Mis, and it feels like a movie that people either adore or dislike pretty strongly because of Hooper's direction. I've also heard the same thing about Cloud Atlas, so it will be interesting to check out too. Nice work!

  6. Thanks Dan. Yep, Moonrise Kingdom was so much emotional and funny that I still get smile on my chicks. I had pretty close matches in predicting acting categories at Oscars, surprisingly we matched :))

    For me Les Mis was one of the best watching experiences this year, though I did not like the camera work that much. But it does have a soul that makes me a huge fun of it. Cloud Atlas is kind of movie that I don't generally watch more than one time, however I saw it three times at the theater. It totally got my attention.

  7. Thanks for participating!!!! Don't agree with you on ATM though... Sure its no Scream or Sinister for that matter but I found it a bit entertaining.

    1. My pleasure. Yeah, it is debatable, however, ATM was not really my type of horror.