the Oscars

Exactly an hour ago Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Science declared bests of 2012. Because of time zone differences, I had to be awaken whole yearly morning. Here are some highlights of the show.

Red Carpet

Generally, red carpet is my least favorite part of the show. I always skip the arrivals.So did this year. However, I'll still post here some of my favorite parts and celebrities here:
I think that Charlize Theron was the Queen of the Oscars.  I totally loved her dancing with Channing Tatum. 
Ginger and Beautiful
Jessica Chastain
Aww, she's cute and winner -
Jennifer Lawrence

The Show

All in all, I liked the show. However, Seth MacFarlane did not work for me. He was not funny or entertaining. I mean, he is a nice guy who writes and directs a nice show called Family Guy, but he's not an Oscar type host. Woophi Goldberg would be awesome!

This years Oscars was more nice to watch than last years. But it did not go further. Even I can name about 5 more entertaining shows in Academy history.
They kinda predicted it. He is not the WORST ever, but not  definitely good one.
I liked the sets of stage, it was beautiful. Just adore singing performance of Les Miserables cast. They were outstanding, each and every of them. But Samantha Bark is purely brilliant - such a powerful performance.

The Winners

Argo is 85th best picture - totally predictable and deserving. Other shoo-ins were: Daniel Day-Lewis for Best Actor, Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress, Anne Hathaway for Supporting Actress. The full list of winners can be seen here.

What I did not expect was Lincoln winning Production Design and Inocente - documentary short.

There was a tie in Sound Editing nominations, shared by Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty. It has been first tie since 1986 (documentary short). However, this is the first technical category being shared by two movies.

My favorite moment: Jennifer Lawrence winning Lead Actress nomination:
She fell, but did not fail. Jennifer Lawrence won her first Oscar at the age of 22.

Did you watch the show? Which was your favorite Oscar moment?

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