Rise of the Guardians, Zero Dark Thirty, The Impossible and Why I Disappeared

I've not written a single word for ages (already two weeks). I have not even seen a single movie during this period. I had my reasons, which is quite exciting and very important to me.

The truth is that I've been preparing for the national rounds of Georgia of Jessup International Moot Court Competition for Lawyers (If you don't understand it, just consider that it is very cool thing). We won nationals and I'm heading to Washington D.C. for international rounds by the end of March - my long time dream of visiting United States has become true.

I think I'll be less active for the next one month and a half and I hope for huge comeback, whenever it is.

Now, few of films I saw but could not fully review. There is a short outline of each:

Zero Dark Thirty

This movie is a way better than The Hurt Locker. If Bigelow won Oscar for that picture, I would not resist.  It is well-made, well-played charming movie, that tells a story of CIA life before execution of Bin Laden. 

Jessica Chastain is brilliant. I generally, love unemotional characters, who do not kinda feel anything, who reject to express their feelings. She really does make the movie better. Both, the technical and creative parts are awesome. I loved the writing, sounds and directing work too. Because the film did not seem to be boring or overrated, as I thought before. 


Rise of the Guardians

This is visually stunning, extremely entertaining, nicely told animation. There is nothing serious about the story but hipster Santa with Russian accent, handsome and irresponsible Jack Frost, sleepy Sandman worked for me well. 


The Impossible

This year's most dramatic story of one American family trapped by Tsunami and their fight for survival. This is not an easy movie to watch, you need to be strong for that. Naomi Watts gives an amazing performance of surviving and injured mother who has no idea of her husband and two sons, and there is nothing she can do with it, she is dying.

Tom Holland is my discovery of this year. I can hardly imagine more professional and emotional performance by such an young actor. He definitely is one of the best "parts" of the movie.


P.S. I listed Zero Dark Thirty in my Top Ten Films of 2012.


  1. Wow, that sounds awesome! Congrats! Have a great time in DC. :)