Movie Review: Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

David O. Russel's new family drama/comedy Silver Linings Playbook is this years one of the most loved films. Despite the very positive reviews, I had feeling like would not love it that much and I expected more negative feedback from myself.


In terms of family movies, Silver Linings is great one. This has not happened since Little Miss Sunshine of the same genre. The story is charming, simple and fun and evolves pretty dynamically. I have never felt that good watching those love dramas and probably SLP is not that kind of film.

The cast is brilliant. Most outstanding work was done by Jennifer Lawrence by portraying extraordinary, weird, dramatic, funny and simple character. Probably not the most complicated role to play for an actress, however she easily makes you love Tiffany, a girl who fucked with every single man at work. She is an almost shoo-in for best actress and I shall admit I can not remember any lead actress giving such an "easy" performance in such a charming way.

Bradley Cooper's (Pat) nominations was surprising but deserving. It is definitely his best ever. He is worthy of nomination even for "the Hemingway Guy" episode. The same time, Robert De Niro and Jackie Weaver have some brilliant chemistry. Honestly, I believe Jackie's dramatic mom is far more better than Robert's funny dad. And if there was no Anne Hathaway's sure win in supporting actress category, Weaver could be best bid.

I had no idea of the novel Silver Linings Playbook before the film. However I do think that adaptation is well done. It was funny, purely written, the dialogues are simple and very smart - especially those between Pat and Tiffany.

All in all, the movie worked well for me. I don't know whether I want it to win Best Picture (or can it?), however if it happens in the less possible case, I would not mind much. At least Silver Linings is the first film with nods in each acting category since 1981.



  1. Good review. Just the type of movie that will make you smile from cheek-to-cheek. That's why it's was one of the best from last year.

  2. Indeed. SLP is last years one of the bests.