The Good Wife 6x04: Oppo Research

In previous episode, Alicia approaches to Eli Gold regarding her running as States Attorney. And of course, he was more than ready for this moment and start of new exciting campaign. So, Oppo Research mostly concentrates on Alicia's issues, her background check and chances of winning the elections.

**Spoilers from now on**

Since Eli is head of Governor's Office, he can not run another Florrick's campaign, that why he hires one of the best managers Jonathan Elfman. The first meeting between him and Mrs Florrick takes place in her residence discussing backgrounds, pros/cons of her candidacy. It seems, both, Eli and Elfman have done their job, digging out a lot about Alicia, including some news, she had no idea of, for instance, Zach's girlfriend's pregnancy and abortion, his brothers affairs and her mom spanking little child in the mall. Oppo Research is simply about how Alicia starts dealing with her family and her clients after she officially starts to run.

She has to drop Lemond Bishop and she negotiates with Cary and Diane to do so, but Mr. Bishop is neither happy about it, nor is going to change his attorney. Despite the fact that it's been a file motioned about his real estate and it's definitely happening because of Agos, he does not go away. 
In this episode, Alicia has to deal with many things, including her family, their reactions and her work. In the meeting with her future campaign manager, we see how strong she is, how she responds to the questions and how strong she feels about herself. I also liked how sincere her character is, not trying to hide any uncertainty and just gives straight answers.

The best part of this episode was Alicia meeting with Finn. They have some connection, bond, that can be evolved to a very pleasant romance, and I am for it.

**End of Spoilers**

Oppo Research was a good episode, not one of the bests, but very well written and interesting. It mostly happens in one room, which is Alicia's apartment and it does not have this breathtaking pace, that overwhelms and explodes your mind. It's just a start of something very very big and I hope it comes soon.

Some exciting news: Carrie Preston (Elsbeth Tascioni) is back in the next episode. 

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