The Good Wife 6x03: Dear God

Dear God, third episode of The Good Wife, returns with Cary's trial - ASA is now trying to revoke his bail on the grounds that he contacted DA's the only witness and allegedly killed him. Diane Lockhart, now as a lawyer of Agos, is trying to keep her partner out of jail, which definitely seems unusually hard, since States Attorney office is spending all their resources to somehow imprison Cary.

**Spoilers from now on**

This episode focuses on two main trials and Alicia's issues about running as SA. First trial is about Cary. Kalinda was seen to meet the disappeared witness and the DA has some visual proof of it, while Mr. Agos admitted to have spent some night with Ms. Sharma. And now Finn Polmar is using it to somehow connect accused to the fact of disappearance. 

The same time, one of Cary's clients is suing his neighbour for infringement of patent rights. Because of accusations, Alicia and newcomer  Dean Levine-Wilkins represent him in a Christian Arbitration (yeah, you did not misread). The weird part of arbitration is that dispute is solved by the rules of god, aka the Bible. And it's getting hilarious and mysterious the same time. Mrs. Florrick, as an atheist, is not trying to speak of words god, she does not believe in. 
This episode perfectly deals with the tension The Good Wife is so good for. It has witty and smart dialogues, interesting plot and impressive scenes. I liked the flashbacks after Cary is back to company and his disagreements about hiring Diane Lockhart. I kind of think all these will boil down to something very very big and I can't wait to see that.

Alicia has some good moments fighting against Eli, who has helped a lot to promote her candidacy for States Attorney elections. She's still struggling, refusing to run, but every time someone tells her to the contrary, she considers it more. In addition, Alicia leans that her husband is endorsing current SA, who threatens Mrs. Florrick by locking up Cary for 15 year, if she does not change her mind. In the end of episode, everything results in Alicia approaching Mr. Gold for her future campaign.

**Spoilers from now on**

The only thing I lack while watching is what happened to Lockhart/Gardner/Canning, are not they suing Diane or something? Do they even know that she went to Florrick/Agos? Is there anything they'll do because she stole hell lot of clients?

But anyways, Dear God was a really great episode. Because of some important news we learned here and because it keeps on being the most tense, impressive and surprising show running right now. 

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