Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy [2014]

I can only imagine how much hard work it took for Vin Diesel to films this.

If someone had ever told me that I'd love any film by James Gunn, I'd have laughed at his or her face, because last year Gunn managed to write for the trashiest movie with the most brilliant cast - Movie 43. To the contrary, Guardians of the Galaxy is probably one of the best superhero movies ever made for its decent, very nice humor, outstandingly good cast and catchy story. I believe very shortly, all superhero movies will pretty much look like each other, unless someone makes even a little difference. In this case, making action movie comedy was such a thing. I know, you can name other "funny" pictures from the genre, but come on, this was more than just funny.

The plot follows four misfits, Peter Quill [Chris Pratt], Gamora [Zoe Saldana], Rocket [voiced by Bradley Cooper], Groot [voiced by Vin Diesel]. They all come with different stories and they are all different type of criminals, but what unites them is a mission of saving the world from Ronan the Accuser. Technically, they are least likable candidates to be saviors of the universe, but it happens that they have to do this humble job for millions of others.

The plot itself is not something exceptional or different from Marvel's other productions. It follows the same rules, any other comic adaptation does: many different superheros, who dislike each other, then they unite and fight the evil. Here, for instance, Gamora is sent to kill Quill and take something important from him, while Groot and Rocket are trying to kidnap him. However, all these mess comes down to heartbreaking friendship story. The good thing about Guardians of the Galaxy is that it does not take itself too serious, it does not try to be a real action-oriented sci-fi. Instead, attempts to delight viewers with everything any normal person would be amused: good special effects, lots of laughs, beautiful shots and of course, Chris Pratt dancing:
Plenty of witty dialogues is something Marvel has never done before. Don't get me wrong, I love Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, but seriously, they are nothing alike of "Guardians", because the latter has a perfect writing for this particular genre. Every secondary story is genuinely interesting, funny, entertaining and timely. Perfect editing makes every dialogue super sharp, tight and quick and it feels very natural.

Point of difference for Guardians of the Galaxy from any other feature in its genre is characters themselves - unknown, humanly believable, not-a-big-name-holder persons, who are making mistakes and they ain't no gods. It's like an another story of how anybody can be a hero.
Visuals are marvelous, beautiful and colorful. Charles Wood managed to create exceptionally original and spectacular designs, combining some classic sci-fi features with number of original ideas. Technically this movie is as well done as any other Marvel production, whoever, I'd dare and say that so far, it's their best work. But really, all comes down to humor here, this is what distinguishes Guardians of the Galaxy from any similar work, this is how anybody would remember it.

What else I enjoyed? Some very tiny details, that neared the film to perfection. Peter Quills has an maniac attachment to his childhood music - a present from his mom - "Awesome Mix Vol. 1" cassette, which includes some old definitely awesome songs, that definitely transforms into amazing soundtracks. The mix includes some of classic tracks, like “Spirit in the Sky,” “Hooked on a Feeling,”  “Cherry Bomb,” and “O-o-h Child.”

Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely a very enjoyable picture for anybody loving sci-fi, humor, sexiness and packed theater. Absolutely this summers best blockbuster and one of my favorite movies so far.


  1. Omg.. no.. no no.. I read something I didn't want to know and it's that whole Movie 43 thing. Oh man, right when I thought the guy is great, I find out he made something like that.. I haven't even watched 43 and I hate it. :D

    PS: This is my fav of this year so far as well, Edge of Tomorrow with Chef is close up there too.. I think Gone Girl will give GOTG a run for its place soon enough though.. and, The Maze Runner would most likely be my guilty pleasure favorite.. but nothing will ever beat that soundtrack, that I'm sure of!

  2. I hate Movie 43 too, it was worst of the year. But yeah, Gunn did pull of with this one. It currently ranks my number 2, so far, right behind the Grand Budapest Hotel.

    I can't wait for Gone Girl. From trailers, it seems to be my most favorite film of 2014. I'm currently reading the book and it's amazing. Hope for a masterful adaptation.

    Glad you also can't wait for The MAze Runner. Probably, I will be a huge fan too. Dylan O'Brien is my guilty pleasure :P