TV Series: Amazon Originals Pilot Series - Part I

After quite unsuccessful attempt to make something good and original by premiering Onion News Empire, Amazon decided to launch 9 pilot comedy & drama series. But those are only pilots and if you take a little survey, you will contribute the decision making process of turning those series into full TV Shows. Obviously, not all of them are going to be one. All pilots are available for free on Amazon.

I the Part I I will review three of them The After, Mozart in the Jungle & Bosch.

The After - pilot rating 10/10.
these are not aliens
In case Chris Carter does not say anything to you, I'll say that he created The X-Files, probably one of the best sci-fi tv series of all time and now he comes back with very creepy alien show The After

The show opens with introduction of Gigi, an eccentric actress with sexy French accent, who unsuccessfully auditions for her dream role. Going back to hotel, before flight back home to her husband and little daughter, she is stuck in elevator with 4 strangers: a cop, a clown, an old lady and a bad guy. It looks like a "must people for any horror movie" and so it is. Many things I saw in the first episode reminded other shows or movies of same genre: exploding helicopters, mass panic scene in the streets and escaped prisoners.

But, then this well-known mess evolves quite quickly and in a very interesting direction. As the small group of survivors (the ones from elevator and plus some other) flee to old lady's fabulous house, they face even more danger from something that even I can not explain.

Perfect rating to pilot goes jut because it bring a good material for further development and its creepy and definitely worth checking for. It can easily become a lot more interesting. It is important that pilot made you want to watch further episodes and this one just did it.
Mozart in the Jungle - pilot rating 8/10.
Adaptation of Blair Tindall's book with the same name, Mozart in the Jungle is a true, behind the scenes look at Broadway. Since Blair has been an oboist at Broadway the whole story feels quite realistic and very artistic.

I enjoyed the pilot because it was a beautiful screen version of whole story, really fascinating in every sense and especially acting by Gael Garcia Bernal, who plays a new conductor replacing old one Thomas (Malcolm McDowell). But still, first episode lacked something, this excitement and chills I normally look for in pilots. I'd definitely watch it further and absolutely recommend it, but if Amazon make full season, I want to "dig deep" in what's going on there.

Otherwise, I think it can be a very descent satiric drama, that will gain quite impressive number of fans, including me.

Bosch - pilot rating 9/10
It always seems that we have seen enough bad cop, good cop, troubled cop, smart cop shows already. And Bosch mostly fits any well known character. Titus Welliver (Harry Bosch) portrays a very interesting cool policemen who kills an alleged serial killer and is later sued by victims family for murdering an innocent man, since LAPD had nothing to prove contrary.

During a early days of court proceedings he gets involved in complicated and mystical murder of 12-13 years old kid, that probably happened in the past.

The reason I enjoyed is the ending of pilot, which brought a lot questions and "if"-s to my mind and I supposed they can result in a very interesting plot twists. Under this condition, I definitely want to watch next episodes and recommend to check this out.

Regardless the pilot ratings, here is a potential ranking of these show, according to my guess how good they can become:
1. Mozart in the Jungle (it has the best source material and can actually be awesome)
2. The After (not perfect but can be iconic)
3. Bosch (it needs a lot work to be a great show)

Have you seen any of them? Share what you think in the comments.

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