TV Series: The Following [2013]

The Following is a saga of psychological terror, mind games, serial killers and everything frightening you can see in your life.

"FBI estimates that there are over 50 serial killers in the United States. What if somebody leads and unites them?!"

My obsession with serial killers and thrillers makes me proudly say that I've seen all TV-Series evolving around these two issues and quite a big number of films. But this show tells an exceptional story of mass murderer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) - a former charismatic literature teacher, who was convicted for killing 14 girls, his students. He was caught by Agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) during committing another crime and that girl was the only victim who survived.

Joe, as a widely spread cliche says, has his own pattern to kill. He finds it beautiful. Being a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe and influenced by his works, especially by unfinished one The Light-House, he decides to create his own form of art - the art of death.  Carrol, just like Poe, believed in "insanity of art" and that it needed to be physically and emotionally "felt". He is a very interesting character, terrifically talented and smart, unemotional but sometimes "funny", determined and cold-blooded. He's gathered every possible mass murderer in 50 states and brought to do something big and step by step destroy Ryan, who put him death penalty and slept with his wife.

Ryan Hardy, on the other hand, is a retired FBI special agent who took an early leave after exhausting case against Joe. But when Carroll manages to escape from the prison (it's how the show starts), he's called back as a consultant and of course, Hardy finds himself in the very center of action. He knows the killer best, but it still is not enough to deal with a cult of the followers.
It's like they both need each other
First of all, The Following really follows many well known cliches about serial killers and their characteristics. Character of Joe is well constructed and planned but merely lack originality. I've seen 7 episodes so far and he stays all the same. But what I find charming here is that he's a puzzle for me. It's unclear why he brought so many followers together. I don't think revenge on Hardy is the only reason, anyway, couple of other people would be enough. I sense that he's preparing for something really big, so much big that it will amaze us. I can't wait to see it.

So, why 9?! Because I enjoyed every plot twist and surprise I saw there and they are quite many. The more you watch the more characters you put under question - is s/he a follower?! Any of them can easily be, because they are everywhere, all over the place. The Following can be the bloodiest and most cruel show on TV right now, even more than the Walking Dead or Dexter. It directly hits on your nerves, weaknesses and psychics.
Unequivocally, it is one of the best good v. evil shows recently and it has even more potential. I am sure it's likable to most people because of it's endless tension and mystics. Would you watch a TV Series that is build on "Trust no one" principle?!


  1. Great that you enjoyed this one, but I gave up somewhere around the time Bacon was getting tortured by someone in front of his sister. The show really bored me and the story was like house of cards about to collapse. I really love Bacon and he did a good job but the show didn't keep me interested.

  2. I love Bacon too :))) I'm enjoying it much, we'll see what happens