My top 10 Directors according to their Movie Ratings

My fellow blogger Tom from At the Back came up with a brilliant idea of ranking directors according to the ratings you gave to their movies. When I did some calculations, results were quite surprising, so I decided to share them. Some of the directors, who made final top ten, are not actually qualified as my favorite ones, at least when someone asks who my favorite filmmaker is, I never say their names. 

How it works: I took a full list of my feature film (including animations) ratings from IMDB and calculated average ratings for each director. Only those with at least 5 movies in the list made final top ten.

It turns out that Steven Spielberg is the most popular director for me, because I saw 17 of his movies, followed by Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen and David Fincher with 8 films. Pete Docter (Up, Monsters Inc.)Lee Unkrich (Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3) are the only directors who have perfect average score 10, but since I saw only two feature films of each, they did not make top ten list.

Top 10 Directors According to their Movie Ratings (at least 5 movies)

10. Martin Scorsese - 7.25 (8 movies)
His highest rated movie in my list is The Aviator and the lowest rated is Shutter Island. He is not surprising inclusion, I've always considered him to be one the best directors.

9. Steven Spielberg - 7.29 (17 movies)
His highest rated movie is The Schindler's List, lowest rated - The Color Purple. Steven was also expected to be in that list, because he is truly phenomenal director.

8. Steven Soderbergh - 7.33 (6 movies)
Highers rated movie - Ocean's Eleven, lowest rated - Sex, Lies, and Videotape. Soderbergh is a good director, I liked his last movie Side Effects a lot, but I've never actually considered him to be my one of the top filmmakers. It was quite surprising.

7. John Lasseter - 7.4 (5 movies)
Highest rated - Toy Story, lowest rated - A Bug's Life. John is the only animation director in this list and it's truly shocking. Despite my huge love to modern animations and his works, I never considered him to be an outstanding or favorite.

6. Robert Zemeckis - 7.43 (7 movies)
Highest rated - Back to the Future & Forrest Gump, lowest rated - The Polar Express. I did not even knew that I've seen his 7 films. It seems I loved most of them, but still whenever I hear that Robert Zemeckis makes a new movie, it does not bring much excitement in me.

5. David Fincher - 7.75 (8 movies)
Highest rated - Se7en, lowest rated The Game. Not a surprise at all.

4. Ridley Scott - 7.83 (6 movies)
Highest rated - Gladiator, lowest rated Kingdom of Heaven. Gladiator is his first movie I saw and it blew my mind, it still is one of my top movies of all time. Ridley is definitely an important filmmaker for me.

3. Ron Howard - 7.86 (7 movies)
Highest rated - Rush, lowest rated - Angels & Demons.
I was absolutely surprised to see him here, especially ranking #3. I loved Rush, he's my #1 movie this year, but still, I did not expect it. He is a good director, definitely, but not one of the bests of all time, definitely.

2. Peter Jackson - 8.12 (6 movies)
Highest rated - The Lord of the Rings, lowest rated - Lovely Bones.
It's his place, he belongs here.

1. James Cameron - 8.6 (5 movies)
Highest rated - TITANIC, lowest rated - The Terminator.
This is actually who I expected to be on the first place. James Cameron directed only 5 films, and I am in love with all of them. Titanic, Aliens and Terminator 2: Judgment Day are in my Top 100 movies of all time. 

This list excludes some of my really favorite directors and most of them are missing because I saw less than 5 movies of their. So, here is an additional list of:

Top 10 Directors According to their Movie Ratings (either 3 or 4 movies)

10. Frank Darabont - 7.3 (3 movies)
Tie 7-9: Wes Anderson - 7.7 (3 movies)
Tie 7-9: Tom McGrath - 7.7 (3 movies)
Tie 7-9: Mel Gibson - 7.7 (3 movies)
Tie 5-6:  Richard Linklater - 7.8 (4 movies)
Tie 5-6: Paul Greengrass - 7.8 (4 movies)
4: Andrew Stanton - 8.0 (3 movies)
Tie 2-3: Stephen Daldry - 8.3 (3 movies)
Tie 2-3: Andrew Adamson - 8.3 (3 movies)
1: J.J. Abrams - 8.67 (3 movies)

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  1. Wow, great list (with some refreshing surprises in Zemeckis and Soderbergh). I'm glad to see Cameron so high on the list (I would never place him number 1, but he's certainly worthy of Top 5). Yay for Peter Jackson though :D

  2. I was surprised too. Zemeckis and Soderbergh are great filmmakers but not so much favorite. I'd not rank Cameron that high either if I made list disregarding movie ratings, but it seems I am loving him more than I think, haha))